Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy Micah Wheatley!!!!!!!!!!!!!‏

¡¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!! FRÜLICHE GEBURTSTAG!!!!! (I hope that's how you spell it). I hope it's the greatest day ever for you papito lindo (literally, pretty daddy -- makes me laugh every time).

This week was a really great week, but this next week is going to be even better. I am so blessed to be able to go to the Lima Perú Temple this Thursday to see the Santiago family sealed for time and all eternity. They are a really special family to me and I am so grateful I have been able to know and love them. It is going to be such a special day and I'm really excited to send you pictures next week. If any of you guys that read this thing can go on Thursday it would be a really cool treat. Either way, I hope you guys at home are able to go often to the temple. That's one of the things I'm most looking forward to after the mission. I'm going to be going in the morning, but you guys can go whenever you have time. Just let me know about your experiences.

It was kind of a really weird week seeing as it was ward conference  There were activities everyday this week. We had one of the coolest activities I've been a part of because the games were super cool. We did like a Fear Factor eating thing and I of course couldn't resist that. So I was privileged to eat for the second time on my mission something nigh unto horse poop known as ''tocuch''. It is absolutely disgusting and the majority of Peruvians haven't even tried it so I'm setting some sort of record. Then afterwards there was half a red onion, a clove of garlic, some strange thing that I don't remember its name, some ginger to spice things up, and an ají (pepper) that burnt me to death. I was dying for about 10 minutes afterwards and everyone was so worried. But the good news is I won.

So with all the activities it kind of cut down on prime proselyting time, but we saw some big miracles. We are teaching together a lot more in unity as we continue to practice and I'm feeling the Spirit a lot more as we invite the investigators to kneel down in the first lesson and ask God if Joseph Smith was His prophet. Then we keep silent for a couple of minutes and let them feel.  It's changed so much.  I have so much more faith that God answers prayers.

I was able to do a couple of baptismal interviews this week and it was cool to invite them to kneel down right there during the interview and ask God, if they hadn't already done it. Most people haven't heard of, or just don't remember about, President Thomas S. Monson, so I invite them to ask God and He answers every time. It's so special.  I love being able to do interviews. I'm so grateful for all that I learn in them.

Another miracle is how much less my companion is singing. He's really trying his best, he's the man. I'm working on some rough edges of my own, namely patience, and things are getting even better. I love Elder Carrillo and am grateful he is helping me become a better person.

A couple quick cool stories from the week -- there is a band of kids and every time we pass by they freak out and try their best to speak the little English they know. So we were walking by this week and the little kid screams out ''here comes, 'hello'''. That was pretty cool because my name has been all sorts of slaughtered, but he literally changed my name to ''hello''. Cool little kid.  I'll have to stop and talk with him some more.

Another cool thing was this guy I spotted from down the block. He was walking and I saw something cool on his kid. It was a Donovan McNabb jersey from the Eagles and then I looked at the guy and he had on a Utah Jazz hat. This time I was a man and decided to contact him. We had a good conversation and he said he loves playing NBA on the playstation and that his dad used to live in Utah. That was super cool. We've passed by a couple of times, but haven't been able to contact him. And he told us his wife is Buddhist so that would be super cool to teach them, we're gonna keep trying.

The other coolest contact of the week was when I manned up and talked to some Germans. I always freak out when I see white people, but I really wanted to talk with them. I tried to use the little German I knew, but it was way cooler when I asked if they spoke English and then they were really good at speaking English actually. They are named Tilman and Noga and she's here on a service mission for a year and he's her boyfriend visiting for like a month. They're from the southeast of Germany next to Switzerland.  I tried my best to talk about the church too, but I don't remember the churches name in German. They had kind of heard of Mormons before though. Once again it was kind of embarrassing to not even be able to speak proper English and keep getting mixed up with Spanish so now I have been beaten by a German in an English contest too. Welcome to my life! I love it!

Happy Birthday to Charlie too. I hope it's a great week. Have tons of fun everyone.

I'm so excited to go to the temple. I love you all so much.

Have the best week ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your happy, ready for the temple, best friend,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley
Service comes in many forms -- and levels of dirt!

After winning "Fear Factor" -- and feeling not so good!

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