Friday, June 28, 2013

Hey, What's Going On?

Hola y buenos días con todos,

This week was just what I needed and I am so rejuvinated. First off about the title as always. There was this He-Man video on Youtube that used that song and my brethren and I pretty much worshipped it. Well there's this really annoying speaker in the mercado by our house that is always playing the same Spanish music over and over one of them is pretty cool, it's a Spanish version of Chicago´s song ''You're the Inspiration''). Okay, well we were in companionship study and I heard something that sounded like it was coming from the heavens. I ran outside and realized that angels were singing through that wretched speaker. I just laughed and thought about all of my friends. I don't know if any of them reads this, but if you are, I hope you are happy.
Happy 2nd Anniversary Johnny!!!! 
He was baptized June 27th, 2011 and I love you Johnny. Have the greatest week ever.

Also Happy Birthday to Aunt Stacy next week, but since you will be celebrating it this week I wanted to add my happy wishes.

This week was just awesome, especially yesterday!!!!! That was one of the greatest moments of my mission being able to watch the training and just feel of the Spirit so strong. I know this is the Lord's work and love being a part of it. I am so grateful to be a part of the Lord's army and know His work will go forward with or without us, so I want to be a part. Plus, it was just amazing to see the Marriott Center and some green grass (God Bless America).

This week it got pretty cold here and so we prayed for sun and it came out the last 3 days. That's the power of prayer and I am so grateful He heard our prayers because we needed them.

I also had a first this week. I finally threw up! I guess it was something I ate. I just woke up at 12:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I haven't thrown up in like 8 years, so I'm way good at just holding it in, but this time it wasn't happening. I got up and just let it out. It was freezing cold so that was double unfun, but I only had to do get up twice. I called President Dorius the next day and he asked what happened the last time. I told him I had never thrown up on the mission and he was really impressed.

I also got to eat cow lung twice which isn't horrible, but I just ask why? That question will probably never be answered.

Yesterday was probably the first Sunday in Perú that actually felt like Sunday. No one was working and it was so quiet. It turns out that there was a huge soccer game going on, but at least it felt like we were being righteous for a little. I was so happy yesterday and that training was the cherry on top.

I am so grateful to be a missionary this week and love this work.

Ether 12:37 was so awesome along with 27 to just feel like I am doing my best. I really liked Ether 15:34 where I feel for Moroni, he must have been so lonely. And how when we SUFFER His will we are blessed. Matthew 10:32-33 is definitely a good one for missionaries too.

I love you all so much and am so excited to finish the Book of Mormon this week. Have the greatest week ever! 
Dad and Mariah have the best time ever in Germany too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you next week!!!!

Love your pal,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Monday, June 17, 2013

Elephants and Cureloms and Cumoms‏

Hello World,

I'm pretty sure that's what the scripture says in Ether, but I actually forgot my notes for this week so I will do the best with what I remember. I read that this morning and just was pretty excited to once again remember that there were once elephants that roamed this land. Elder Ryan Tirrell is among those wonderful creatures, but I'm gonna bring them back here. Well, probably not, but it sure would be cool.
I want to change the world one person at a time starting here in Perú. I know all my other family and friends out there serving missions are gonna do their part too and that's what I hold onto. I can't change these people, but Heavenly Father can through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Atonement. I'm gonna bring it to the people and it's just gonna happen.
I went to the clinic this week because I woke up with some pain in my kidney. I don't really think I needed to go because the pain was 3 days before the appointment and I didn't feel anything anymore. Well, I went and waited more than an hour for the doctor to show up and then he talked to me for about 2 minutes. (Just makes me laugh). I don't know what's up, but now for the story.
I was walking along with the other elders and then some guy said ''elders'' really quietly to his son. I asked him how he knew us and he said that he had lived in Utah for a year. That was super crazy and then he talked about Salt Lake and Park City. I asked where he was from and he said Columbia. He said he wasn't baptized, but liked Utah. He didn't look super intereseted, but we gave him a pamphlet. The cool part though was when he said I spoke Spanish really well. I felt super good and then a little later we were on a bus home and I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me. He was super cool and we talked for 10 or 15 minutes. It just reminded me how important it is to talk with everyone and just open our mouths. Well, he said I spoke really well too so I felt pretty good. It's funny because some elders really want to become fluent and I'm more worried about other things (like patience and charity because I need it). So, they have the patience and the charity that I want and I've got the language. That's how it all works though. We just have to keep moving forward with the strengths we've been given and then change the weaknesses we've been given into new strengths.
Really other than that, I'm not so sure what to write. I don't know how preachy I've been before in my letters, but I sure have a lot of weaknesses to change and am so grateful for the ''enabling power'' of the Atonement.

Oh yeah, so I'm staying here for another 8 weeks with Elder China and we're gonna work our pants off. It's gonna be just amazing!!!!!! I know we can do this with the Lord's help.
I'm so excited for Matthew and Aannaliisa to be going through the temple tomorrow and I will be thinking about all of you together in such a sacred place. I love the temple so much. Enjoy every opportunity you have to be within those walls. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the temple and that we can be together forever as a family. I am so grateful for our heritage, for the faith the pioneers showed to bless us so much. Elder Holland gave a talk about that in a Regional Conference for us a couple years ago and I read it in an older Liahona this week. I love reading the words of the prophets.
I'm praying for Mariah and Dad. That they can have the best time ever in Germany. It was so much fun to hear about the Scouting adventures Dad and it will be fun to do some more camping when I get home. Get feeling better too Dad!!!!! It's no fun to be sick.

I love you all so much and am praying for you this week. Have the greatest week ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're the greatest family and friends I could ever ask for. And we're gonna change the world this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love, love, love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

Monday, June 10, 2013

Zoowee Mama

Hey My Friends,

So for those of you who don't know, that title would come from the one and only ''Diary of a Wimpy Kid''. I had a work visit with my zone leader Elder Custer who is from Orem and he reminded me of that great movie. I hope Jake, Jon-Michael, and Jared all like it at least.

So my zone leader actually lives like 5 minutes from our house and it's so funny for me to think that we had to travel thousands of miles to get to know each other. He has a big hatred for Timpview so that's pretty fun sometimes. I especially liked it when he asked how the state championship game was and I told him it's all you could ever dream it would be. He played football for Orem so that's so funny all the time. We had a great time just thinking about life and about all of the experiences that make us who we are. It amazes me how much you can talk about even in just one day. Well, I've made so many great friends on the mission and I am so grateful for everyone of them.

One cool thing about this week is about when I was coughing in a taxi ride. The driver said that I needed to drink some honey and lemon juice. I had no idea that Oma had traveled to Perú to tell her secret, but it was sure fun to think about her. I love you Oma!!!!!!!!!! And Opa and Nomi and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It looks like you all had such a fun time at Lake Powell!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just so happy for you all and have never had so many desires to just work my hardest to build the kingdom here in Perú. I'll be making it a nice place for Matthew to come. I'm so excited for him to go through the temple and if the Young's move to Provo that would just about be the greatest news I could receive. I'm praying for you all. Once again, Lake Powell looks so cool and we'll have to make a trip again in a year or two. 

We had Zone Meeting (I think that's what it's called in English) this week and it was so great. I learned so much and know President Dorius is called of God. I'm gonna be sad to see him and Hermana Dorius leave, but I'm also really excited to see all the changes that happen with my new president, President Archibald. That's gonna be a big adjustment for all of us so I'll just keep working my best.

In the meeting I felt the Spirit so much and learned so many great things to help my teaching to the people here. It was tons of fun to be with so many friends from the whole mission and it amazes me how many great people there are in the world who just want to do what Heavenly Father asks of them. On the way home I was just crammed into a bus and so I thought about life. There isn't very much time to just think on the mission so I took advantage of what I was given. I thought about the things that make me who I am and overall just felt so much gratitude for all of YOU. It's because of all of YOU that I'm who I am today so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

We had a special baptism this week of a members son who bore his testimony after and just started crying. That was so special. I was able to give a talk and thought back on my baptism. I just felt the Spirit telling me once again that I did what was right WAY BACK THEN! That's maybe what hit me the most was how a decision over 11 years ago has changed my life so much. I'm so grateful for my baptism and that I was raised in the church.

A little girl was baptized too and we're working with her mom. She wants to be baptized but her boyfriend is getting out of jail in a month and they'll be living together again so we couldn't do that. We'll be teaching them both and helping them receive such a wonderful gift. The mom is really excited and it gets me even more excited. We were going to go by, but no guy would accompany us so I felt we should keep the rule and we would receive blessings. It turns out she had a nightmare and felt it was because she wasn't reading her Book of Mormon so she started reading it. I know that Heavenly Father really does bless us for our obedience.

This week I loved finishing 3 Nephi and blazing through 4 Nephi. It amazes me how 300 years of history can be contained in 6 pages. I loved reading about Christ's disciples and really enjoyed 3 Nephi 27:30-31 about receiving a fulness of joy when those we love do what is right. Then of course 4 Nephi 1:15-18 about how there could never be a happier people because there was no manner of -ites.

I love you all so much and hope you have the greatest week ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again Lake Powell looked AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the best dad in the world and to all my uncles and grandpas too.

Love your best friend,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Record

Hey Everyone,

So I set a new personal record this week. But I'm not sure if I should be proud or not. My record would have to be that I fell asleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT saying my prayers this last week. I am so tired and really need to change that habit. Maybe I'll just have to start saying my prayers in the middle of the room. If I start falling asleep on the floor, I'll just have to find another solution.
Thank you so much for the poem ''Turnings and Thresholds'' first to Nomi for writing it and secondly, to my mom for sending it to me. I love it so much and cried for sure. Nomi, you are so amazing and I am so grateful for all you have given us as a family. I love you all so much and think the whole family should read it. I'm sure looking forward to reading lots more of Nomi's poems and books when I get home.
Thank you so much to The Aunties for the package. I loved it and continue loving it so much. The candy is so delicious, but I have to eat it very slowly. Not only to conserve it, but my body is not used to such goodness. We have some good bakeries, but as far as candy goes you knocked it out of the park. Thanks so much Aunt Julie also for the letter. I love hearing from all of you back home and it's so fun to hear that everything is going great.
We had to go into the mission offices and then to the post office to pick up the packages (Elder Custer and Elder Arnett went with me because they had packages too). We got to go to that huge mall you can see on GoogleEarth with the Gold'sGym in it that's right by my offices. There was a Chili's Restaurant there and I would have to say that was just about as close to a heavenly day as there comes on the mission. I was able to eat a real burger (other than McDonald's and Burger King) for the first time on my mission and I miss them so much. It was all just so amazing. Thank you again to The Aunties.
I read a talk this week entitled ''Perfection Pending''  and it was just what I needed. I encourage you all once again to go and read it. It sure helped me a lot and I just see things in a clearer light now. I'm so grateful for living prophets who can guide and direct us for the right path. I love reading talks so much.
This week has just been full of tracting and getting tired. I don't know why so many lessons fell through but we just did the best with what we're given. It's been getting kind of cold (low 60's in the night) so I made a curtain out of TV cable wire and an extra blanket. That's helped a lot and I just felt super awesome after making it. It's just fine during the day, but waking up to low 60's isn't fun. I've never been so grateful for the finer things of life (a heater and carpet) that I enjoyed for so many years. Everyone just go lie down on some carpet and give it a kiss for me.
Church is usually pretty hard down here because most of the leaders don't really know their duties and I just wanted to say thank you to all the leaders back home from the bishop to young men's leaders to primary teachers. They all helped me so much and I am grateful for every single one of you. This week I'll be doing my best to help the ward leaders understand their duties.
I hope you all have so much fun at Lake Powell this week. I was remembering our trip there only a couple years ago and how much fun we all had. I remember Aunt Julie tried to help me into the boat and fell into the water herself. That will always be a great memory.
I was also thinking about our trip last year to Washington and am so grateful for all the family trips we've been on together. Thank you so much for letting me see so much of the world. A year has gone by pretty fast and I'm happy Mariah is home to share this one with all of you. Have so much fun out there and catch a big fish for me. And make sure you swim enough for the both of us Brianna.
This week I read in 3 Nephi 17:10, 21-22 about crying and weeping. It's okay because even Jesus wept. 3 Nephi 20:30-35 and 40-43. It's so cool to be a part of all of it. I get to preach the gospel and be a watchmen. There was a great quote by Marion G. Romney I read and it's something like ''Service isn't something we endure on the earth to gain the Celestial Kingdom, instead it's what makes up an exalted life in the heavenly kingdoms'' It's definitely not easy, but I'm grateful for this time I've been given to serve, learn, and grow so much.

I loved reading this week about Jesus. I learned so much about prayer and how to be a better person like the scriptures always teach us. I love reading it with you Mom and hope everyone else is enjoying reading wherever you may be.
Once again, I hope you all have the best week ever in Lake Powell. I love you all so much and am thinking about you. Of course I miss you, but it will just make it that much more special when we're all together again.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your son, brother, nephew, and best friend forever,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Great Gatsby!‏

HAGS (Have a Great Summer) everybody,

I definitely couldn't resist writing that and hope you all have such a fun last week of school and then enjoy every single minute of your summer break. That was always the best time of year so make sure you just soak it all up.

I was reading in the Liahona this week and saw an article by Sister Smith. It made me think about Eric Smith and I felt bad I didn't write him more. I think he's home now and if there's anyway you can get ahold of him or his email for me I would love to write him. I'm so grateful for all of my friends who have always been such great examples to me and it's fun for them to start going home now. I know the time just goes by so quickly.

This last week has been kind of cold. It gets down to like 63 degrees or so which isn't so bad, but it's not that fun to wake up to either. I've been doing more exercises this week though so that should help me stay warm and help with my body as well. (Now don't be thinking I'm all sorts of fat or anything, I just don't have very much muscle anymore).

We met this family Noelia and her daughter Geraldine this week and they're super cool. They have great desires to be baptized and it never ceases to amaze me how the Lord has prepared us to accept His gospel. I know we are doing His work here on the earth and I am so grateful to be a part of it.

Before I forget, I also need to send out a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents. 24 years must go by so fast. I'm so grateful for your examples to me of staying strong and making it through together. I am so grateful for my whole family and wouldn't be anything without you guys. You keep me strong when I want to be week and I am so grateful for your examples.

I'm training an elder named Elder China. He's from Bolivia, but his grandpa moved there from Japan during World War II. He actually lived in Japan for 7 years so he knows Japanese and is pretty good at English too. (Need to be a little careful with that). He's a cool guy and has lots of desires to just get working. I'm trying my best and sure am learning a bunch of things. Patience is number one on the list though and it's hard, but I'm grateful I can prepare for the rest of my life here on the mission. It just came to my mind to ask for a blessing yesterday and so I asked Elder Arnett to give me one. He said it was his first blessing and it was just what I needed. I know it didn't come from him because he said some really special things. I am so grateful for Priesthood Blessings and know our Heavenly Father is watching over our lives in a very personal way. I just cried and it felt so good.

I thought a lot this week about how privileged I've been to grow up in the US of A and enjoy so many blessings. I guess the better word is just blessed. Sometimes I wonder why people here act one way or another, but then I just try to be grateful that I was taught differently and it helps me not judge them.

I realized this week that Los Rosales is where I came to love the Peruvian people, where I learned to love them. It wasn't easy, but it's oh so worth it. We're all different, but we are all children of God and I am so grateful to be here on the mission where I am learning so much. I love Perú and I love Peruvians! I love everyone!

Miguel, Estefania, and Cristhan were baptized this week and it was so special. Miguel said it really touched him to hear that baptism was being born again and that we can start all over. That makes me think more about the sacrament too and how much of a blessing it is to be able to be clean EVERY SINGLE WEEK!

I loved reading in the Book of Mormon this week especially 3 Nephi 7:18 about faith equals power and how the people couldn't resist his teaching. 3 Nephi 9:20 about how the didn't know they had received the Holy Ghost and sometimes we don't realize. Then of course we've beenable to read about Christ's coming to the America's and the Sermon on the Mount is one of my favorite scriptural passages. I love the beattitudes and more than anything about the peacemakers (I'm still trying). Then I loved 3 Nephi 12:30 about taking up our cross (whatever it may be) or as I feel giving up our will to the will of The Father. And 3 Nephi 12:41 about ''going the extra mile''. I love the scriptures so much and am so grateful I can study them so much.

I love you all so much and hope you have the best week ever. Have so much fun in Lake Powell and whatever else you all are doing this summer. I'm praying for you and know it will be so much fun.

Love your best friend forever and ever,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

''I was raised by a cup of coffee''/ It Happened‏

Hey Everybody,

Sorry for the less than missionary like title. Go look it up if you want though, I just thought it was appropriate for this week happened. Nomi said it would take 9 months and that's exactly what it took. I don't know if I'll ever feel like I was born in Perú, but this week everything just seemed normal. The dust and dirt was just there, the people just spoke Spanish, and I was just plain old HAPPY. I love the mission so much and am so excited for all that is going to happen this next year. I love Perú so much!!! I think I could count it as my second home.

Now, the most important. I forgot to write last week, but I showed the people here the pictures of you from skype and everyone said that you looked really young Mom. And as we know latino's are brutally honest, so I just thought you should know because it must be true if they say it. And I definitely agree.

I had to work one day in the city because my companion went to the clinic and I was so amazed at how green it was. It was actually pretty funny because I was right next to one of my old areas (Faucett) and I always thought it was so dirty back then. I guess that's what happens with my time to adjust to Perú. I sure do love it here, but my brain is going crazy. I will feel like I am in the Garden of Eden when I get back to Utah, I think.

I also got to work with Elder Arnett this week and he sure has come a long way. It reminds me of when I was new in the mission. It's funny because these last 6 weeks were probably some of the longest of his life and they felt so fast to me. That's the day my brain changed and I am so grateful for it.

Now for the biggest news. My companion, Elder Figallo, is leaving to Bolivia. They called on Saturday and said that his visa came through. I'm sure going to miss him and am so grateful for the time we were given to be together. He'll be a great missionary in La Paz and I am so grateful for all of the miracles we were able to see together. Yesterday we had so many investigators in Sacrament Meeting and he is leaving right before a family is getting baptized. I know miracles come from Heavenly Father as we are diligent and obedient.

I will be staying in Los Rosales for another transfer and I am so excited! I love it so much and will be training a new missionary. I don't know his name, but know I will learn and grow so much. Thanks for all the prayers you are offering in my behalf.

This week is going to be so full and they just are all blending together now. I hope you are all having so much fun with the end of school and everything. It is so exciting to hear about all of the mission calls and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AANNALIISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know exactly what you are feeling, but I know you were called EXACTLY where you need to be. It was really hard for me to even like Perú and now I'm writing that I LOVE it. The mission is the most amazing gift that Heavenly Father gives us to learn and grow. You will be forever changed and I am so excited for you to join all of us out here in the mission field. That's really awesome that you get to leave so soon too. I know you will be amazing and the people of California are so blessed to have YOU coming their way.

Just remember, when in Rome...drink chocolate milk! I hope you all laughed at good old Elder Aaron Wheatley. What a funny guy.

Oh yeah, so Helaman 15:3, we are chastened because He loves us (Proverbs 3:12 and Hebrews 12:5-11). 3 Nephi 1:11-15 we always need to look up. I just thought about how awesome it would be to pray and then for Jesus to say. ''Don't worry, I'll be there tomorrow''. We need to just hold on to our faith and do all that is asked of us. I am learning so much on my mission and absolutely love the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful I can read it everyday and the days are just flying by.

Have the greatest week ever and just go have some fun. And for all of you out on missions or preparing, thank you so much.

Love your ALMOST Peruvian brother and friend forever,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

ps. Sorry for no pictures again. I will really do my best next week!