Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Record

Hey Everyone,

So I set a new personal record this week. But I'm not sure if I should be proud or not. My record would have to be that I fell asleep EVERY SINGLE NIGHT saying my prayers this last week. I am so tired and really need to change that habit. Maybe I'll just have to start saying my prayers in the middle of the room. If I start falling asleep on the floor, I'll just have to find another solution.
Thank you so much for the poem ''Turnings and Thresholds'' first to Nomi for writing it and secondly, to my mom for sending it to me. I love it so much and cried for sure. Nomi, you are so amazing and I am so grateful for all you have given us as a family. I love you all so much and think the whole family should read it. I'm sure looking forward to reading lots more of Nomi's poems and books when I get home.
Thank you so much to The Aunties for the package. I loved it and continue loving it so much. The candy is so delicious, but I have to eat it very slowly. Not only to conserve it, but my body is not used to such goodness. We have some good bakeries, but as far as candy goes you knocked it out of the park. Thanks so much Aunt Julie also for the letter. I love hearing from all of you back home and it's so fun to hear that everything is going great.
We had to go into the mission offices and then to the post office to pick up the packages (Elder Custer and Elder Arnett went with me because they had packages too). We got to go to that huge mall you can see on GoogleEarth with the Gold'sGym in it that's right by my offices. There was a Chili's Restaurant there and I would have to say that was just about as close to a heavenly day as there comes on the mission. I was able to eat a real burger (other than McDonald's and Burger King) for the first time on my mission and I miss them so much. It was all just so amazing. Thank you again to The Aunties.
I read a talk this week entitled ''Perfection Pending''  and it was just what I needed. I encourage you all once again to go and read it. It sure helped me a lot and I just see things in a clearer light now. I'm so grateful for living prophets who can guide and direct us for the right path. I love reading talks so much.
This week has just been full of tracting and getting tired. I don't know why so many lessons fell through but we just did the best with what we're given. It's been getting kind of cold (low 60's in the night) so I made a curtain out of TV cable wire and an extra blanket. That's helped a lot and I just felt super awesome after making it. It's just fine during the day, but waking up to low 60's isn't fun. I've never been so grateful for the finer things of life (a heater and carpet) that I enjoyed for so many years. Everyone just go lie down on some carpet and give it a kiss for me.
Church is usually pretty hard down here because most of the leaders don't really know their duties and I just wanted to say thank you to all the leaders back home from the bishop to young men's leaders to primary teachers. They all helped me so much and I am grateful for every single one of you. This week I'll be doing my best to help the ward leaders understand their duties.
I hope you all have so much fun at Lake Powell this week. I was remembering our trip there only a couple years ago and how much fun we all had. I remember Aunt Julie tried to help me into the boat and fell into the water herself. That will always be a great memory.
I was also thinking about our trip last year to Washington and am so grateful for all the family trips we've been on together. Thank you so much for letting me see so much of the world. A year has gone by pretty fast and I'm happy Mariah is home to share this one with all of you. Have so much fun out there and catch a big fish for me. And make sure you swim enough for the both of us Brianna.
This week I read in 3 Nephi 17:10, 21-22 about crying and weeping. It's okay because even Jesus wept. 3 Nephi 20:30-35 and 40-43. It's so cool to be a part of all of it. I get to preach the gospel and be a watchmen. There was a great quote by Marion G. Romney I read and it's something like ''Service isn't something we endure on the earth to gain the Celestial Kingdom, instead it's what makes up an exalted life in the heavenly kingdoms'' It's definitely not easy, but I'm grateful for this time I've been given to serve, learn, and grow so much.

I loved reading this week about Jesus. I learned so much about prayer and how to be a better person like the scriptures always teach us. I love reading it with you Mom and hope everyone else is enjoying reading wherever you may be.
Once again, I hope you all have the best week ever in Lake Powell. I love you all so much and am thinking about you. Of course I miss you, but it will just make it that much more special when we're all together again.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your son, brother, nephew, and best friend forever,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

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