Sunday, December 30, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know this time is crazy for you all back home, especially in the Moulton household, but I hope you have been able to feel the Spirit during this time of year testifying to your hearts that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. I read Luke 2 this week and if you can read it too, I know it will bring a lot of joy to your life.
      I finished the Book of Mormon again this morning. It was my goal to finish it for Christmas as my gift to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I was marking all the times it mentioned Christ and there's a lot of red in the book now. Please tell Brother Taylor and I think Brother Haddock thank you because I think it was their idea to give all us young men a Book of Mormon to mark two years ago now. I'm going to start reading again for the new year and I invite any of you who would like to to join me. My plan is to read 3 pages a day so I can finish in the middle of the year. In time for my birthday and the birthday of our great nation. I would love to do it with you if you want.
      Now onto another week in the life of a missionary. This week was pretty crazy with all of the goings on so I'll do my best. Last Monday it was so amazing to be able to talk to you Mom, Dad, and Brianna. It's really weird hearing your voices but it sure made me happy. That day we also played soccer on a turf field and it was so amazing. It smelt just like home. Those long summer days of practicing and those great Friday nights. That's so weird to think about high school sometimes, but I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had.
      On Wednesday we had a marriage here in our ward. Elder Perez has been working with their whole family for a couple of months now. They are the Rojas and they used to be inactive. It's a mom and dad and their 6 kids. One of their boys Elder Perez already helped to get married and then his wife was married and this week one of their other sons, Giancarlo, got married to his wife Angela and she was baptized on Saturday. It was special to be a part of all of that and to just see the happiness that they felt. I thought how crazy it was to be thinking about marriage and how it just feels like something that will always happen in the future, kind of like how I  always felt about a mission. Life is pretty tricky sometimes.
      We had a Christmas party in the offices this week with 3 of the 12 zones in our mission. It was really fun to just be with all of those other missionaries. Sister Dorius had been cooking for all of us and it was so great to eat that turkey. She also baked carrot cake and even though I've never liked it too much, it was just so good to think about home. President and Sister Dorius gave us some gifts including a satchel with a llama on it and I forgot to take a picture, but it's about the coolest bag that could ever exist on the face of the planet. We had to do sketches, I think that's English too, but if not plays, as a district and ours was the highlight of the show. We did it again during our ward Christmas party and yesterday in church everyone was just talking about it.
      Yesterday I went on exchanges with Elder Brimley. He is from Arizona and this is his first transfer. He lives in the same house as me.  We just went out and worked and it was amazing. It's really true that quote that says the great secret to missionary work is work. That's my one piece of advice to everyone as a missionary, but I also think we can apply it to our lives as Papa did. When we work hard for what's right and do the will of our Heavenly Father we will be happy. When I work I don't think about anything else, I'm just happy with the time I have been given. I'm so grateful for that lesson I learned and that I could work with Elder Brimley and just have a fun time, two gringos who don't speak Spanish well just loving the people, spreading the message of the restored gospel, and wishing everyone a Feliz Navidad.
      I had another experience with Elder Brimley that I want to tell real quick. We were walking along and I stopped because we passed by the house of a contact. I didn't know if we should try to have a lesson so I just stopped and waited. Out of no where this man comes up and asks us how he can find the ward that he belongs too. His name is Silverio and he went on to explain that he was in Iraq for 5 years because he was in the military and he had been receiving the lessons there, still not really sure how that works out. He said he wanted to talk to the missionaries so he could be baptized and he knew he needed to go to a certain ward that he belonged to. We told him how to find it out and it was just amazing that we were there at that moment. I didn't feel the Spirit telling me really strongly anything, but I know it was directed by God and I'm so grateful for that.
      I'm wishing you all the merriest of Christmas's from here in Peru. I know it's a crazy Christmas for us all but my prayers are in your behalf and I hope you can feel the love of our Lord and Savior and the love of our Heavenly Father who sent His Son for all of us.
I love you all so much.
Love forever,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Week Goes On By

Hey Everybody,
     This week just happened. It's so crazy sometimes. I like to say that my life doesn't go fast or slow it just happens and that was definitely this week. I have learned so much on my mission, but more than anything I have developed more patience and humility. I read a quote two days ago by President Hinckley that says during these 2 years a person can grow more than in any other 2 years of their life. I know I'm not here only to change myself, but I am so grateful for the changes that are happening in my life as I help others come unto Christ.
     It was so amazing to receive a package from Oma and Opa this week. I bawled real hard. I was just so overwhelmed and so grateful for all of our family. I love you all so much and can't say it enough. Oma, the cookies were one of the greatest presents I have ever received and I look forward to a lot more when I get home. I just want to bake and bake. It's so funny to me all the things I want to do now that I can't do them, but I'll get into that more later.
      I got the letters you sent Mom and once again bawled like a baby. All of your support means so much to me. I also got a letter from Uncle Tyler that meant so much and one from Elder Seth Cannon. Please pray for him and for all of my brothers and sisters out on their missions. Most of you know what it's like to be out here and for those of you who don't, I hope you can experience it because the mission is amazing. All the great stories from aunts and uncles made me laugh and just filled my heart. I know this isn't an easy time for any of us, but I am so grateful that you would all take a little time to make my day, week, and mission a little better. I love you all so much and hope you can receive strength from my letters.
     A couple cool stories now. We went to the clinic this week for my companion and how great it was to be ack among civilization. It was part of the Central Mission and it was like I was back in the grand ol' USA again. I ate some Burger King as I waited and just enjoyed a little more space with a lot more cleanliness. I know I'm supposed to be here in the Peru Lima West Mission and I love thinking about the day I opened my call, but it's still nice to be a little more clean every once in a while. (I know there are a lot dirtier places in my mission so we'll see what my thoughts are when the time comes for me to go there!)
     My door got knocked by some Jehovah's Witnesses this week and that was hilarious. My nametag was clearly visible and everything so there's no doubt the poor lady knew what was happening. Well I think she did because she just said something like ''How many books are in the Bible?'' and I said I didn't know and then she just kept looking stunned and asked again. I told her it wasn't my house and that I would take her magazine to give to the people who lived there. I felt really bad for her because I know exactly what she was feeling, but afterward I couldn't help but laugh. If they come knocking on your door I hope you are nice to them and then afterward you can think of me and all the missionaries out there working hard to spread the message of Jesus Christ.
     We did splits this week and it was an amazing experience. I met this man named Jose.  I have never talked to a recent convert like him before. He admitted that he didn't know everything but his faith is so strong and he just wants to share it with everyone. He is so happy.  He could pronounce as well as remember my name perfectly after seeing my nametag only once, which is a miracle in itself.  For some reason as we were talking he said something about the Ingles family and I just nodded my head and smiled as I sometimes do (thankfully less and less as the weeks go on). My companion for the day, Elder Galicia, asked who they were and then he said something about Michael Landon and I was just like WHAT?????? He then explained there is this TV show where a family lives in the olden times in a small town and luckily this time I didn't bawl as I thought about my dear beloved ''Little House on the Prairie''. This is where the longing for things that didn't have too much importance before I came out on my mission comes back into play. I have been reminded of TV shows or songs that haven't come to my mind in years and now I'm making a mental list about a mile long of things I'm going to do when I get home. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but all you returned missionaries or current missionaries I hope can relate.
     The other amazing thing was we were talking to this old couple and a little boy was there with them. At the end of the lesson the little boy just said he wanted to be baptized without us asking or really having even talked to him very much during the lesson. It's so amazing to me the example of little children. They are so special to our Heavenly Father.
     Yesterday was the Primary program and I just thought about all the great times I had participating and eating the goodies back in the Edgemont 3rd Ward. I grew up so fast and I'm sure you are all feeling the same. I'm so grateful to be on a mission though.
     I'm excited for Christmas and I hope you all have the greatest Christmas ever. I know it's a little different in the Moulton household right now, but what a great gift is the time we've all been given together as a family.   Please tell Papa and Nomi, Oma and Opa, and everyone else that I love them so much.

Love you this much ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (that should be about my wingspan)
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Happening

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really starting to get into the groove of things. I still have some time to go, but I'm on my way and that makes me feel so good. This work is so different from anything I have ever done and I love it so much. I'm so grateful for all of the encouragement you send me it makes me so happy. About the packages, it seems like all the boxes have been coming through just fine for my mission, just make sure you send them through the United States Postal Service. It's still so weird to me that we are in December and that Christmas is around the bend. The weather here is reasonably hot and very humid. Last night it got a little cold and I was starting to feel the Christmas spirit. I would guess it's in the 80's everyday and the nights in my apartment it's pretty hot too. Like I said we're in the first floor of a four story building and the air kind of just lingers. There is no carpet anywhere which is a cultural experience. I'm grateful we have cement though, because some people just have dirt floors. This is definitely a different world I live in.
This week I finally made it to the Peru MTC. All of us gringos were rounded up and we went to the MTC to do our immigration stuff all together. It was great to talk some more English, I don't know why I just love it so much. Spanish is coming along great, but it's just nice to speak English every once in a while and just talk about all sorts of things. We were just driving and then I looked out of the window and there was the Temple. It was really cool to finally see the Temple and MTC. All of us missionaries just talked about all of the experiences we have had up until now and it was so fun to hear about all of the other experiences. The thing I learned was just what Dad said when we talked. Even when things were hard, when we look back they were just awesome experiences and we can smile and laugh. I have learned so much from my mission and the hard times are some of the greatest memories I have.
I had a great time this week when we went to the members house in another area and we sang some hymns. I love the people here, but I can just say that the confidence I have in my own voice has gone up exponentially since I've arrived in Peru. I love the hymns and more than anything the Christmas songs we can all enjoy together.
I spent a lot of time reflecting yesterday and it felt really good. I just love settling things down every once in a while and thinking about all the amazing things that have happened in my life. I really have been blessed with such happiness from our loving Heavenly Father. I have had such great experiences and I know so much happiness is awaiting me and all of us. I am learning so many things on my mission that I know will bless me for the rest of my life. It's so crazy all that has happened in such a short time, but I have learned to be so much more humble and I'm working hard on being charitable. There are little things that I'm learning too just to help things go more smoothly in life.
I read a talk entitlted ''The Fourth Missionary'' by Lawrence Corbridge and I would suggest it to any future missionaries and really anyone. I know if I would have read it before my mission I would have enjoyed it, but I wouldn't have understood it fully. I'm sure I'll understand it even more as the time goes on too. Experiences change everything in our lives and I'm so grateful for this time I'm given to experience being a missionary. I am trying my best to submit my will to that of our Heavenly Father because I know that is the only way to true and lasting happiness.
This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon has been strengthened so much. When I read it I feel the power so much. There is no way that a man could have written it. We all need to receive a testimony through the Spirit first, but after that comes we are strengthened so much just by knowing that no man could write such an amazing book. It's too crazy for anyone to come up with and it's not even really appealing at first. It just doesn't make sense, but then you read it and fall in love. I am so lucky to be able to testify of the Book of Mormon so often and it amazes me too how much we are strengthened when we share our testimony with other people. I am strengthened so much as I share my testimony and I can feel the Spirit testifying to me that my words are true as I testify to the children of our Heavenly Father.
We spend a lot of the day teaching lessons. We are really blessed with a great area where the members help us a lot. Of course we get to ''find'' people too and I really just love talking to the people. My Spanish is coming along and I feel comfortable talking to just about anyone. The culture is so different that I don't really know where to start. Things are so different, but at the same time I can always feel that we are so similar because we are all children of our Heavenly Father.
I love getting your long emails, I just don't want you to be spending so much time like you used to if it stresses you out or anything. I want you all to be happy and to know that I am happy. Of course everyday isn't amazing, but I can view miracles everyday and feel the Spirit as I do the Lord's work. The weeks pass by so quickly. I am praying for you all and especially for Papa everyday. He amazes me too!!!! I love hearing all of the news and seeing all of the pictures. I was thinking about the pioneers and those first missionaries who went out and left it all behind. I receive strength everyday from those who have gone before, especially you Mom, Dad, and Mariah (well really all of you). I am so grateful for your examples and your love.
Have the greatest week ever! I really feel all of your prayers and hope you can feel mine too. I love you all more than I can say. I'll be writing and calling before either of us knows it. Please send my love to Nomi and Papa and all of the family.
Love your son, brother, and best friend,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Aunt Julie's two nephews serving in Lima Peru!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Changes and Craziness

Hola Everybody,
       Before anything I want to congratulate the greatest little sister in the world for here dance concert. It's so fun to hear about all the things you're doing. Also, I'll be thinking about you and praying for you today that everything goes well in your orchestra concert.
       Please tell the family how much I love them, especially Papa. I'm so happy to hear that you are all staying strong and are as happy as you can be at this time. I love you all so much. And yes, Papa will never cease to amaze people with his feats of sheer awesomeness.
       This week was full of changes and new experiences. I think I like transfers because it's fun to get to know new people, but it's also just straight up craziness. I'm learning to love the people. You asked about my new apartment and it's kind of like a dungeon, but that doesn't matter too much because we get to go out and enjoy the full strength of the sun down here. It's a different member that cooks for us here, but it's still great food. We live with her and her son the bishop.
       That reminds me, there's a facebook page for our ward because the bishop is like 24. It's ''Barrio Faucett'' just search for it on facebook and you can see some pictures of the area.
My companion is a good guy. I'm learning to adjust to his style of things now, but I think that can only bless me for the rest of my life. He tries to be the best he can be and we work hard so that's really nice. He's been in this ward for 10 months so that's kind of crazy, he just is really comfortable with everything. I don't really know what to say. His name is Elder Perez and he's from Bolivia. I want to write a little about my last companion though because he helped me change a lot.
       Elder Claros is a crazy elder from Columbia that used to be in the military. He was really stern, but we also had a lot of fun together. He taught me a lot how to love everybody and how to love working. He encouraged me a lot and made me feel good by saying that he was learning so much from me. I think that's one of the biggest things I learned from him that you can learn something from every one of your companions and from everyone in your life. I miss the members and investigators in Fiori, but I've been blessed with a great area full of help from the members.
       Yesterday we had two baptisms and it was so amazing to be a part of that. Even more this time I felt distanced from them because I had only known them days, but I felt the Spirit testifying to me that they were ready to take this next step in their life. I pray that they will stay strong and they have a lot of help from members in their family and friends, which helps me feel reassured. It was a gift to be able to take part in helping them and I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for trusting His children to us as missionaries.
       Our area actually includes the airport I think and it's amazing to see them take off. What amazing things we have been blessed with from a loving Heavenly Father. I know that man made it with their mind, but God gave us our minds. I guess the funniest part is how close I am to being able to leave and yet I am happy to be here. I know these two years will pass by so fast. I was reading in the scriptures and in just a couple verses many years can pass by. Life just happens so quickly and I'm really trying to learn to love everyday.
Last night we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and those thoughts were going through my mind a lot. President Uchtdorf talked about being a gracious receiver and I thought about being grateful for everyday. 
       It's a little hard because we're so far away, but we have so many great memories of Christmas's past and I know there are a lot of great ones ahead too. I think I miss out on a lot of happiness because I'm spending too much time missing something that was amazing, but just can't be right now. I was reading in Helaman and the part where Nephi wishes he lived in a different time. My emotions definitely aren't just from me, everyone at one time or another wishes they lived at a different time or at least that hard days would passed by. I'm really learning to be patient as I trust in the Lord's timing.
       We had a great service activity where we built a room. It's nothing like the United States. I just need to remember that I really am in a third world country sometimes.
       Now for the craziest news of the week. We went to the bank on Thursday and the bank where we usually go was closed. We had to cross the street to get to another bank. While we were there we saw some missionaries from the North Mission. I got pretty excited and then found one of them was named Elder Wilson. I asked him if he was related to Julie and he told me no. I just kept thinking about it and when we were both inside I asked him again and he said ''wait, Julie?'' I guess he thought I said some other name. So I met Elder Wilson down here in Lima and we got to talk for a little. It was so awesome to just see him even though I had never met him before in my life, well maybe I have.
       I said something about the aunties going to pick him up and he was surprised so I tried to backtrack. I don't know if I ruined a surprise or if it's real or what really happened. I hope I didn't ruin anything for anybody because it was sure great to see him.
       I wanted to write real quick to Johnny in this email because I got your letter this week. Don't worry about anything Johnny, I love you and there's nothing that would change that. Just make sure you stay true to what the Spirit has told you and you will be blessed. I still pray for you everyday specifically and know you will be blessed for doing what's right. I love you -- so many people love you.
       I'm going to try my best to get letters off today because these last couple of weeks have been crazy. I'm doing my best and if you haven't got a response yet just know I love you and that it's coming soon.
       Love you all so much. The language is coming along great. I'm looking forward to the day that I don't even have to worry about Spanish but I'm counting my many blessings that I can learn this great language.
       Love you again because we can always use a little more love.
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Me with my second cousin, Sister Mangum.  We had been serving in the same district and didn't even know we were related until her family back home figured it out!!!!!!

Family in Fiori

My companions, we all live in the same house and same ward. My companion, Elder Perez, is next to me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I love you everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all of the pictures and the emails. It was so comforting to just hear and see about all that´s going on. I´m so grateful that you could all receive the comfort from the Comforter and keep moving forward. That´s so amazing that Papa was able to eat and have a great time with you all. I am praying for you all constantly. I fasted yesterday for you all (joining in the family fast 2 weeks late) and I know Heavenly Father is strengthening us. I have never felt like this in my life. It´s the craziest, I just don´t know. The mission is like nothing else.

I am so excited for Hillary. ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually am sitting next to an Elder Maimo who is from the Resistencia Mission. Have the best of times visiting Iguasu Falls (or however you spell that). Also, Elder Dane Taylor´s there and he´s a stud. She wrote me a couple of weeks ago and I´ll write her back, but I just wanted to write some advice for her and all other people preparing to go on missions. I can´t even describe the feelings that you will go through. It is the biggest roller-coaster ride of your life. I feel the only way you can prepare yourself is to live worthy of the Holy Ghost. It seems so simple, but really if you have the Holy Ghost everything else will come. Don´t become discouraged when you can´t speak because it´s just a fact, or really anything else hard. This week I let my brain get the better of me a couple of times and I really have learned that becoming discouraged only makes things worse. Stay positive and happy. When you don´t feel like you feel the Spirit search for it (or should I say) seek and ye shall find. I promise you the Spirit will be with you because it has been with me.

The other thing I would suggest is read all of The Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel before you leave. I know it´s really hard, because I didn't finish Preach My Gospel. I promise you though if you study The Book of Mormon everyday a different spirit will enter your life. (That goes for everyone). I love the Book of Mormon more than I could ever express and am so grateful I can read it and pray to my loving Heavenly Father. I think a mission is something you just have to experience. The other thing is when you have a hard day and are close to hating something, just remember so many people have felt the same as you. Talk to all those around you who have served missions before and ask them all the questions. Ask them what was harder than anything and why it was worth it. Ask them what they loved more than anything and how much love they felt. I promise you a mission is worth whatever sacrifice you need to make either before or during your mission.

I wanted to share a couple of scriptures I found really helpful this week. Doctrine and Covenants 42:44-46 and Doctrine and Covenants 59:15-20.

Some other crazy things from this week. Here in Perú there is this thing which is called Panetón. It´s pretty much just glorified fruitcake and it´s everywhere. I guess Christmas really isn´t that different down here after all. I´m laughing just thinking about all the crazy things people eat. It´s not bad, but where did it come from? We may never know.

We were contacting this week and this person said ´´how are you? hello.´´ all the usual. I´m learning to just embrace being a gringo. So I said to him that my companion isn't a gringo, but that I was. The other guy sitting there started to speak in English but I didn't really understand. I thought he was just joking around too, but then he didn't stop. I realized THIS MAN HAS A SOUTHERN DRAWL!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I about cried. It was so amazing. He was from Georgia and we talked for a couple of minutes. I really can´t even describe the joy that brought me. I mean, a southern drawl for real? I've never been so happy to hear one before in my life though. It´s just a tender mercy from God to allow me to talk with someone in English (even if it is practically a different language in the south).

Really this week has just been a week of growth. I have learned more than I ever thought possible. I was tried by so many things but always Heavenly Father rescued me when I thought I couldn't go a step further. It´s amazing to me that one good thing can erase all the hard that has happened. That one thing is feeling the Spirit and allowing the Atonement into our lives.

I found out that I´m going to be transferred to an area called Faucett. I really don´t know too much, but of course it´s farther north in my mission. I´ll take lots of pictures with my new companion and the new area when I get there. I am really going to miss the people of Fiori. I feel like there are so many miracles just waiting to happen there, but I know I have learned what I needed to and I am being sent to where the Lord needs me. I feel peace again just knowing that His will is being done.

I hope you all have an amazing week. It´s so great to hear that you are enjoying all the time you are given. That´s really how we all need to live life. I´m learning to love being a missionary. I really do love my mission. I think I´ll understand it all more with time. It´s so fun to see you all having a great time at the house. What an amazing blessing from God that house is and I am also grateful to hear the news about Wallace Lane. I´m so happy that someone else can love that house as we all did.

Send my love to everyone and give them all hugs and some kisses too. I am so grateful for all of your examples. Your strength keeps me going everyday. Knowing that you have all gone before me and trusted in the Lord (especially all you who have served missions). I love you all so much. I´m praying for you and know more than ever that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He is always watching over us and wants to bless us.

Love you more than words can say,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Great Plan of Happiness and (This Land of Make Believe)

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really can´t express in words all of my feelings but I will try to do my best. I wrote 10 pages in my journal just to get it all out and on paper. I hope you all will take some time to do the same. To write down all the things you are thankful for and how amazing God is.
Well I guess I should write, yesterday I found out that my Grandpa (Papa) has stomach cancer and doesn´t have long until his next and greatest adventure yet comes. It was like all the breath was sucked out of my in one breath but when I breathed in I was feeled with comfort and peace. The Spirit really is the Comforter I promise you that. The peace I have received has been unlike anything else in my entire life. It´s the most amazing feeling and it comes from our loving Heavenly Father. I´ll get back to all of this but I want to tell you about Perú a little.
Last week we went into the city center and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Well first, congratulations to Riley on your call to one of the most beautiful places in the world, but Mom I know I´m supposed to be here so I´ll just take a long vacation in Italy some day. I loved seeing the architecture in the city center and thinking I was in Italy for a little though. Also, congratulations to everyone else on your mission calls. I can´t remember them all but first and foremost Hillary this week, I´m so excited to hear where you will be serving. Verina, Kristy, Miriam, Bentley, just everyone. I´m so excited for you all. And that announcement about 4 weeks for other languages and 1 for natives is just about the craziest thing I´ve ever heard. He is hastening His work and really wow! When you get out in the field and it´s the hardest thing you´ve ever done, don´t be discouraged. I don´t really know how to say that. I guess I can use the words of my mission prep teacher Chris ´´it´s the best two years, but it´s definitely not the best 730 days´´ You´re not always happy, but the happy moments are worth the pain and take away everything bad.
Okay, back to the city center. We got to go up on a hill and could see all of Lima. Let me say that the air here is disgusting. It was so smoggy and you gotta love it. I ate a double whopper at BurgerKing and that was one of the best things that has happened to me here in Perú. I love the food, but really nothing compares to a good ol burger. I will definitely be looking forward to some BurgerSupreme when I get home so to all of you still in el fabrico (the factory as the call it down here because Utah produces so many missionaries) enjoy yourselves a good burger or whatever is your favorite treat. We went bowling and that was crazy fun, but probably the best part was just speaking English with my friend and brother Elder Sines. He´s from Draper and he´s a gift from God. He´s helped me adjust so much and I owe him a lot. I only wish I can help some poor struggling new missionary some day like he helped me. Well, I don´t want you to think that I´m dying or anything, it´s just nice to have people helping along the way.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Everybody I hope you enjoy yourselves. I will be thinking of you all family but know that my heart is full.
I want to talk some more about Papa now. Really, you don´t need to worry about me at all. I need your prayers but then really I just need you all to be happy. I know Heavenly Father is watching over us all. I felt peace immediately and I want you all to feel the same. I prayed last night for a miracle if it was according to God´s will and my mind was enlightened. I realized that the miracle has already happened. The miracle is the life that Papa lived, is still living, and the legacy he will leave. The miracle is the time we all had and have together. The miracle is that we can love and be loved. The miracle is that we can be together forever (which I don´t understand at all, it´s just so amazing). The miracle is that we know the Plan of Happiness. The miracle is the Atonement. The miracle is that ´´the sting of death´´ can be swallowed up in Christ. The miracle is all we have been given from a loving Heaveny Father.
I really can´t put into words my feelings. I am full of light, peace, and joy. I don´t really want to say I´m happy but like Dad said yesterday I know I´m going to look back and say ´´wow, that was awesome, I learned so much. It was hard but I learned so much´´. I want you all to know that you can receive the same feelings that I have. I think you already have received them just from all the time we got to spend talking yesterday. Just love and laugh together. It´s a hard time but we can´t stop doing the things that are most important like reading our scriptures and saying our prayers. I love writing it all down like I said before and I hope someone else can be helped that way too. When we focus on all our blessings there is no room for the bad.
President Dorius gave me a blessing yesterday and it was one of the sweetest and most tender moments of my life. He barely even knows me and he´s never seen or talked to Papa in his life but he knew by the Spirit what will happen. I don´t want to go into too many details, but I think everyone should receive a priesthood blessing because it will bring so much peace and comfort. I am so so so so so grateful for all the worthy priesthood holders in our family. I know the words come from God. I know He loves us and wants to comfort us.
I also wanted to write some things I´ve been studying. Tanner wrote about a devotional in the MTC that said we can all study together to feel closer. I´ve been reading in Alma and of course Alma 17 is extremely special to me at this time in my life. I also studied in Alma 29, well right now I´m in Alma 43 and I´m trying to read 6 pages a day so I can finish for Christmas. Then I´ll probably start over and read 3 pages a day so I can finish for my birthday. I invite you all to read with me this week if you want or to just share what you learn from your own reading. I also want to share James 2:26 which I think was written about Papa. ´´For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also´´. He´s the greatest example of work I have ever known and will probably ever know. He has shown our God by his works that he is ready to inherit (or build more likely as we talked about yesterday) his mansion in heaven. I´m so excited to see what he can build with the most amazing materials I could ever imagine. I really don´t understand what it´s like being together forever, but I know it´s the happiest thing ever because I know that God loves his children.
Now back to the mission. For all of you going out when it´s hard just remember that your companion is human. They´re imperfect but they´re trying. Sometimes I wish I had a perfect companion but then I realize it would be so weird to have a companion that wasn´t human. Just work your hardest and I can promise you that you will grow in ways on your mission that aren´t possible doing anything else. Like Mariah told me I would encourage you all (especially on your missions) but really throughout all your life at the end of the day look back and see all the MIRACLES. I want you to write down all the things that you´re grateful for but I also know there are MIRACLES everyday and we just need to look a little harder to find them.
You wanted to hear about my companion and some of the members. My companion is from Columbia but he looks like a gringo. He´s the only member in his family but they are really supportive of him. I guess the Church just isn´t where is family lives yet because they´re far out in the country. He found the Church when he was living in Bogota and a friend told him to go to the employment center. He was baptized 3 weeks later and he´s a real strength. The members here are all really nice I just wish I understood what they were saying more. Really though, after 1 month I have learned so much and I know the gift of tongues is real. I am so amazed at it all.
About a package. Really, the thing I want more than anything is peanut butter. You have to send all packages through the mail DO NOT USE UPS OR DHL OR ANYTHING ELSE ONLY USPS. I think the best thing would be to just use a flat rate box. Really peanut butter, honey, and some Snickers. I don´t know, I can pretty much buy anything else I need to here. Like Mariah wrote, more than anything I just love hearing from all of you. It´s fun to just hear about your classes or your work or anything, just be real. Your lives are so different from mine right now so everything is interesting. If you want to buy some piano books such as The Killers and Mumford and Sons and The Head and the Heart I would love those when I got home. And Brianna make sure you´re keeping up on the music for me. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Last week when we were bowling I heard ´´One Thing´´ by OneDirection and it was so fun to think about you.
I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!
Know that I am filled with comfort and peace from the Spirit. I don´t know if you´ll believe me but you don´t need to worry. I am so grateful for all of your prayers though and I hope you receive strength from my prayers for you everyday too. I think it was Aunt Melissa that said ´´I hope you notice the blessings we pray your way´´ and know I´m praying them back for all of you too.
I can´t express the feelings I have right now. I know I´m where I´m supposed to be and I know that all that is happening is the will of God. I have never felt like this before in my life and I am so grateful for it.
I love you, wow just like yesterday.
Love your brother, son, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend, and whatever else I may be
Elder Wheatley


Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Week!

Hola Everybody,

Well, this week was my first baptism and I can´t even describe it. Elder Claros was sick so I baptized Hermano Luis. I didn't really want to because I wanted my first baptism to be really special, someone I had really come to love and helped along the path. I prayed and learned one of the greatest lessons of my life though. My thoughts were directed to my baptism and how I felt that day. I didn't know everything, but I knew I needed to be baptized so I did it. I didn't feel super special that day, well maybe because everyone was so happy for me. I was happy to be given the chance to help change someone elses life. I kept thinking about it and still felt it should have been a little more special. Then it came to me that it´s kind of like a birthday. It´s just like any other day but something special happened. You were changed instantly. That real change doesn't come until after some time though. You don´t feel 19 until after some time. I think it´s the same with baptism, receiving the priesthood, going to the temple, being a missionary, maybe getting married (not sure about that one). It was such a blessing to me to be able to help someone enter the gate and learn so much about the ways of God.

I´m so happy to hear that you had a great birthday Mom. And that´s awesome that you got to go to the temple on your special day. I really can´t explain how much it means to me that you would think about all of us missionaries while you were in the temple. I feel heavens help everyday and there´s no way I would be able to do this without the strength of heaven. I know Heavenly Father watches over His missionaries and all His children.

I´m also happy to hear that Halloween was great for everybody. What a fun time together and this next little while is just family packed.

The elections sound crazy and I´m praying that God´s will will be done. I´ll be looking forward to hearing the results next week, or more likely some member will tell me something. They always have some crazy news. Which reminds me about Hurricane Sally I think. It sounds like everything is okay, but I've been praying for all the people in that area.

Now time for the great firsts. I rode in a mototaxi which is a motorcycle taxi. It´s super fun, I guess it´s just all knew and exciting. First compliment on a tie, and I have to say good choice to Mom for the green tie that you thought was the best because someone here thinks the same. First crazy food. I don´t know if I wrote, but I was pretty close to eating chicken foot soup but she didn't want to serve me because it was cold. Well this week I ate Caucau which was really good. It was kind of like a really light curry. Well, I learned after that the meat was mondongo or literally translated intestines. I was told it was really cow stomach which seems better to me. Either way it was fine. I wasn´t super impressed but I really loved the spices so I´ll definitely eat it again.

How exciting for Mitch this week. Send my love to him and all the family. Like I said it´s a day that will change his life for ever. Also, way to go Aunt Michelle and Uncle Steve. I´d love to see pictures when it´s all done.

Hillary, I´m proud of you for facing your fear of needles to serve the Lord. I´m so excited for you and can´t wait to hear where you will be serving. It´s definitely not a walk in the park, but I've learned so much already and I know the mission is where I´m supposed to be. If anyone else is trying to decide, just pray. God will tell you what is best.

That brings me to Matthew. Pray about it and you´ll find out what is best. I think it would be awesome for you to go to BYU though. I would love to have a class with you or something like that. It was so fun with Charlie. I´m so grateful that we are all so close. Just pray and I´ll be praying for you too.

I´m praying for Nomi and Papa and Oma and Opa and all the family every night. I´ll be even more specific with Papa and Oma this week. I know everything will work out.

Thanks for all the love and encouragement. That´s crazy to hear about the MTC and all the other changes. Thanks again for all the updates.

Have the best week ever! I´ll keep praying for all of you and please pray for all the missionaries, we can´t do this alone.

Elder Aaron Wheatley

Tuesday, October 30, 2012



            HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!           

I hope this birthday is the best one you´ve ever had. You definitely won´t ever have one like it again with two of your kids out on missions. Know that I´m sending my love your way and thinking about you on your happy day.

It´s so crazy to hear about all the crazy things going on back home. I got a letter from Eve at the MTC but I didn´t have her address so hopefully she might read this and see -- CONGRATULATIONS on your mission call! I have no idea who else is working on things. I think I read in Andrew´s letter that Kristy is working on her papers too. I got a postcard from her, but once again no address. So thanks for both of those letters and I hope everything is going well for them.

I would love to hear what´s going on with Hillary and Aannaliisa too. You said last week they were thinking about starting, just keep me updated. Matthew, Katherine, and everyone else too. I´m so excited for everyone! I love my mission and even though there are times that are hard the things I´m learning are far worth it. I remember one time that Charlie wrote it´s easier to change things you want to change on your mission than after and I know I´m setting a pattern for the rest of my life. I love studying the scriptures and the language and am so grateful for this time Heavenly Father has given me to become the person He wants and needs me to be for the rest of my life.

I´m feeling more comfortable with Spanish and then something always comes along. I´m not sure what the people think about me but they definitely don´t think they need to slow down. I find myself a lot of the time just nodding my head or laughing when everyone else laughs. I´m looking forward to, and working hard for the day when I can understand what they are saying. I don´t know if it will be funny to me but at least I´ll be able to understand. I guess that´s part of the culture. It´s so different but I´m learning to accept and embrace it.

My camera isn´t working with the computer right now so I´ll try to send photos next week. I can describe Perú a little though. It´s a bunch of 3 or 4 story buildings right next to each other with gates and the whole 9 yards. The only real green is in parks and there are plenty of them. The soccer fields are concrete and everyone loves to play. The people are friendly and we´re doing our best to talk to everyone. When I see someone on the street I try to imagine how the gospel could change and better their life. I know the gospel is the answer to every question and I want to share it with everyone.
The mail here is ridiculous just so you know. It costs almost 3 dollars to send one letter to the US so when I send them I´ll try to consolidate them. I´ll probably have to send them to you and then you send them to the people if you can Mom. Sorry about that.

Also packages. I guess they come through most of the time but if anyone sends them ONLY USE USPS (THE POST OFFICE). The other ones cost a ton of money to retrieve or something like that.

Yep, I have a member that cooks and washes my clothes.  We can eat at other places too but no lettuce or strawberries or some other things. The water bottle I brought with the filter is perfect and also we have big jugs of water in our apartment.

We go to the temple once a year, I think in May, so I´m grateful that we at least get to go. I miss going every week though.

One real cool experience this week was with an investigator in another area. I was on exchanges and had no background on her at all. I just started talking and my mouth was filled. I couldn't say everything, but I could say everything that I needed to. It was a great gift from a loving Heavenly Father and I know the gift of tongues is real because it´s present in my life. I´m working hard to learn the language, but I´m also trying to give myself some time to adjust.

I think that´s one of the greatest lessons I've learned this week. You have to give yourself time to adjust. Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to become the person He wants us to be over night. I´m learning and growing everyday.

One more thing, just for fun. DOGS! I think I've seen enough dogs to last me 50 lifetimes. They´re everywhere and it´s just crazy. They´re not dangerous or anything but it kind of gets old when you get barked at all day long. It´s the Lord´s work though and I love it. The buses are crazy too, but I don´t need to go into any more detail. You already know Mom, it´s just every time I hope no one dies! I´m not afraid for my life just for the people running across the street.

Hello to the George´s, especially Jon-Michael and welcome home Sean.

Thanks for all your love and support. Have the best week ever!

Elder Aaron Wheatley

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Few Pictures

Aaron with his companion, Elder Claros, from Colombia

The last of the Special K Cookies -- Thanks Brianna and Oma!!!

The city

View from my window

Gotta Love Peru

Hola Everybody,

Thanks so much for all of your letters. I loved them so much. It´s so fun to hear about all the things going on back there in the good ol USA.

I love it here in Perú. I´ll try to write it all in the time I´m given. Oh yeah, so I´ll be writing around this time 10:30 every week. Well probably like 10:40 because here they like to be late to everything, but I´ll get to that in a minute. Also, I´m only supposed to email immediate family so I´ll try to write some good hand-written letters to everyone. I think the post is pretty good. I got a couple letters this week that I guess were waiting at the mission home for me. I got the one from Dad, but not from you Mom. Thanks so much for your emails though. And please send the mail to the mission home, I really have no idea how to get mail at my apartment.

My first experience of Perú is indescribable. It was night -- the streets were empty and it kind of looks like no one lives here. It´s a desert so there aren't very many trees and pretty much every house is run down. I was so excited. We slept at the mission home and in the morning went to the chapel for changes. The driving there was crazy and pretty much I've been smiling ever since. My Mission President is a great man and he made me feel really comfortable. My companion looks like a gringo but he's from Columbia and he´s been helping me a ton with my Spanish. Everyone is really surprised when they hear I've been here for less than a week and that makes me feel really good. And then we start talking to someone on the street and I can´t understand a word. Well, that´s an exaggeration.

The people here talk really fast and I hope they're using words that I don´t know because if I've learned them they don't sound the same. We were riding in a bus one day and it was a little crazy. I thought about it and I would compare it to being in Chicago or New York, the poor part of town but not very dangerous, and you can't speak English. I just started laughing -- I love it. The people are so nice even if I can't understand everything. They are so friendly and even though I wish they would talk a little slower sometimes I still love them. The buses are crazy and I´m glad my companion knows the area. The ward is really helpful and the food is fantastic. Everyone said it would be really hard and I can see that, but really I've just smiled and nodded all week long. Heavenly Father has blessed me so much to be happy.  Tell everyone that goes out it can definitely be hard but a smile changes everything. I just laugh at all the craziness. (Also drinking so much Inca Kola add!) The people are always offering food or drink and I hope my teeth don't fall out. ¡I've been brushing really well!

Also I wanted to give you my address so you could look it up on GoogleEarth or something like that. my address is Jr Las Encinas   554 I guess in Lima or something like that. Maybe Fiori, I really don´t know. We´re on the very edge of the mission touch Lima North which is just south of us and I think east of us too. I just remembered that you could probably just look it up on the lds website ward thingy. The ward is Fiori and the stake is Trebol. Hopefully that works if not I´ll send some pictures to give you an idea.

If you see Daniel Wheatley before he leaves please tell him I love him and he´s going to love his mission. Also, I can´t remember if I ever got the address for his mission. Also tell him congratulations on Tough Mudder. He´s going to be a great missionary.

Yesterday was my first Sunday in Perú and it was also my first talk in the mission field. It was crazy. I don´t know, I guess I don´t get nervous first, because the Spirit comforts me and second, because I know it´s going to be bad. All the people say poco a poco and that´s what I´m doing. Learning little by little. One man we´re teaching gave me one of the greatest compliments of my life. His nephew had just prayed and I said the things of your heart is what God wants to hear because He is our Father. Then the man put his arm around me and said "he only says a little but what he says arrives, it arrives" or "it comes" would be better in English and he pointed to his heart. The people here are so nice and I´m really not being fair. Some of them talk really well and I understand what they´re saying. The gift of tongues is real. It´s such a blessing from God.

Oh yeah, so I had no idea what I was going to talk about and I figured it would probably turn out the same if I prepared or not because I can´t speak. I just talked really simply and shared two of my favorite scriptures 1 Nephi 11:17 and 2 Nephi 2:24. I also talked about being called to Perú and how much I love it here. It was really simple but the people smiled back and I think they understood.

Pretty much I love it all. Some things about the culture are a little hard for me. It´s such a different world down here. Things aren't as clean, the streets are crazy, and they talk for forever. I think it will help a lot when I really learn the language though. I´m so excited for the day when I don´t have to say como or just nod even when I don´t know what´s happening. I know it will come in time though.

Thanks for all your love and support. And above all else thanks for your prayers. I really see the hand of God in my life.

I love you all so much and am praying for you.
Love, love, love,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Saturday, October 13, 2012

News Flash!!!!!

We received a call from Aaron :0)  His visa has arrived and he will be flying out on Monday.  He is VERY excited!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life Will Never Be the Same

Alright, who saw that coming? General Conference was amazing! I knew it would be different watching it in the MTC and it was crazy. When President Monson announced that young men could serve at 18 people were cheering and then when he said young women could serve at 19 it was even louder. That part was crazy, but the rest of the time everyone was so reverent and the Spirit was so strong.
I want to know what all of you are thinking now that your life got flipped upside down. I couldn't stop thinking about it during the whole first session, well really all Conference. I was just thinking how nothing will ever be the same. I immediately thought about all the people close to me whose lives will be changed. I thought of Hillary, Aannaliisa, Matthew, Katherine, and so many of my friends. I hope you all pray about it and find out what's right for yourself. I also know that it's so important to really prepare BEFORE your mission. I tried to, but I could have done so much more. My suggestion is to read the Book of Mormon if you haven't and to pray about it. I know if you are willing to act on the answer that Heavenly Father will testify to you of its truthfulness through the Holy Ghost. I think the key is that we all have to be willing to act on the answer we receive. The other part is to read Preach My Gospel. I tried, but didn't finish before and now I'm almost done. It is an amazing book that was inspired and I know if you read it you will be better prepared for your mission and life in general.
I know there might be some concerns about the change, but I really can't think of one. I know this comes from God because "He is hastening His work". The whole Conference seemed to be about missionary work and the family. I think this has as much to do with strengthening the Lord's kingdom as it does to building and growing His kingdom. I feel like families will be strengthened so much and there can be no doubt in anyones mind that missionary work is what is required of us all. I know it's different for girls but I'm so grateful for you Mom and Dad serving missions and being such great examples to me. My goal was always going on a mission and now that I'm here I can't believe it. I really wanted to go when I was 18, but I know I wasn't ready. Heavenly Father had other plans for me. I had to do other things and most importantly make friends before I left. We all have to prepare at an earlier age and are expected to be more mature much faster. I'm looking forward to having 18 year olds in my mission and I think it will be awesome. That was kind of all over the place, but that's how my minds been going ever since the announcement. To all of you that are trying to make the decision I know that as you pray and listen you will make the right choice.
Other really cool thing this week. The talk by Elder Nash hit me in my heart. The pictures of Machu Pichu and just thinking about Peru were almost overwhelming. I'm so excited to go to Peru.  Of course there are times that I get a little nervous about the language, but I know I have been called of God and I know in His time I will get there. I still don't know where I'm going to be serving for the next little bit but hopefully I'll find out today. I think this will be a grand adventure, the ones they always talk about (well I'll be talking about it at least). I'm just so excited to go out and serve and love the people. Please pray for all the missionaries, and be specific for all my brothers out there. We all need heavens help and I'm so grateful for all the prayers said in my behalf.
I was able to host Tanner (Elder Christensen) and that was a special treat. We talked for a long time and I'm so grateful for all of my friends out here with me. I am strengthened by their examples of obedience and faith. I was able to see Elder Cannon last night before he left and I know he'll do great work in Germany. That reminds me, if you hear where people are going I would love to hear too, it's just fun for me to find out.
One of the biggest highlights of the whole week was seeing Uncle Steve and Charlie though. I purposely didn't go around the back of the temple because I didn't want to make it hard on anyone. It was so great to see them and I hope it didn't make things harder. I hope they gave my love to everyone because I love you all so much. My family is the greatest blessing in my life and that's what I kept thinking about all weekend long. Like I said before I know this announcement will strengthen families and I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is in every part of our lives. There's no way I could ever know all the ways He directs me and influences me but Elder Bednar promised that as we're all good boys and girls and try our best to do what's right we will be influenced by the Holy Ghost and most of the time won't even have known it happened. That was in an MTC devotional recording I watched and it gives me lots of peace.
Have tons of fun this week with Fall Break and whatever else you're doing. Thanks for all the letters, I love hearing about everything. I hope you always remember how much I love you and how grateful I am for you. Have the best week ever!
Elder Aaron Wheatley

A Few Pics from the MTC

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another Week in the Life

Hola Everybody,
Before I talk about last week I want to talk about this week. I'm so excited for General Conference. It's always been two of the best weekends of the whole year and even though it's a little different now, I'm looking forward to it. It has helped me find another reason I'm glad I'm not in Peru yet because I still get to listen in English. What a great opportunity we all have to listen to the words of a living prophet. And what a great time as a Moulton family, and probably many other families, to get together and enjoy each others company. It sounds like getting together is becoming much more common now and I'm so grateful we're such a close family. I hope you all have fun at the new house and I'll be thinking about you. One thing I've really learned from the MTC is that when we go into things asking questions or having concerns in our mind that we need taken care of Heavenly Father will bless us. Whether it's before personal study, a temple session, or anything else God wants to bless us. So I add my voice to many before me to pray for something you need to receive from Conference and if you listen with the Spirit I know you will receive what you need. And don't forget to have fun!!!!!!!!
This last week was so awesome. It started last week when I was going to the temple. We went earlier than usual and things were going fine. Then a lady stopped us and started talking about all sorts of things. It was only a couple of minutes but a whole bunch of other Elders went in front of us so I was kind of feeling pressed for time. She let us go and then we were walking in. Right then I saw Tanner and it was amazing. He had told me he was going through the temple that day but I thought there was no way he would still be there when I would go. But God is loving and absolutely 100% guides our lives. I'm not sure what the time window was, but it was pretty small. It was perfect, and it was just a really nice thing in my life. Of course I would have lived without seeing him last week because I will for sure see him tomorrow, but it was just a "tender mercy" of God. I don't know very many things, but I do know He watches over and directs me as well as others. When I say my prays and write in my journal at night I try to look back and see the hand of the Lord in my life and it's always amazing to me all the blessings I have received in one day. I'm so grateful for His hand in my life.
I was reading an article called "Of the House of Israel" by Daniel H. Ludlow from the January 1991 Ensign and that name sounded really familiar. I think that might be the person that used to own the house but I wasn't sure. Either way it was a great article and it helped me think a lot about my Patriarchal Blessing. Whenever I read mine I am strengthened and remember how much God loves me and wants to direct my life. I'm going to try to read it more often and hopefully then I won't forget what I need to do as much.
On Sunday I watched a couple of talks by Elder Wirthlin. He speaks straight to my soul. I love him so much. I think there are so many different personalities in the brethren because they can all reach out in different ways. It made me think about all the different personalities in missionaries and how we've all been called to a mission for a certain reason. It doesn't mean anyone is better or worse, it's just that we're all different. Well, I watched "The Great Commandment" and if anyone feels like crying I would definitely suggest that talk. Also, "Come What May, and Love It" is perfect for me. I guess just find what speaks to your soul and try your best to keep it in your mind.
Now for a cool story I guess. (Or at least as cool as I can think of in the MTC from this last week) On Sunday night after the devotional you can watch old talks or sometimes church movies and last week they offered The Testaments in Spanish. We went to that and it was so awesome. It's a great movie in the first place and then Spanish just made it even better. I would love to say I understood every word, but alas I cannot. I did understand probably 40-50% though and I was really happy with myself. I think that's probably what it will be like in Peru. Super fast most of it going over my head, but when I relax I can understand the overall meaning. I'm definitely not fluent but for 7 weeks I feel great. I know I have been blessed so much by the Spirit to learn so quickly.
I hope everyone has a great week "at home, at school, at play" (and at work too). I love you all and am grateful for all your support and prayers. Thanks for being such great examples to me. I hope I can strengthen other people the way you have strengthened me.

Have the greatest week ever!
Con much amor,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How Glorious

Hey everybody,
The weeks keep passing by faster and faster. I was glad to hear that you all enjoyed the Brigham City Temple dedication, I enjoyed it here at the MTC as well. I'm so grateful for all the temples and I'm excited to go there some day.
I was thinking about some things that happened in my life and I hope everyone can find some time this week to look back at their life. Look back at how far you've come and all the fun times you've had. I remembered that one time I was in the spelling bee and missed my first word and just laughed at that. Thanks for coming and supporting me Mom and Dad. And I'm glad to hear Dad had fun at Fathers and Sons. I have great memories of campouts we went on. Thanks Dad for helping me have great times.
Seth came in this week and that's been real cool. We have the same gym time so we had a nice long run outside. It's so weird to me to be so close to everything and still feel a world apart. Even just walking to and around the temple feels different. Sometimes it messes with my mind, but I'm just happy to be here so no real problems.
I was able to see some progress with the windows at the house and it looks great. Make sure to tell Papa not to work too hard without me. Also, I would love to hear if there's any news on Wallace Lane, I just assume nothing has really happened.
It's cool to hear about all the family gatherings that you are having but I have to echo the words of Mariah and say they have to continue when I get home. I hope the Moulton's are enjoying their parakeets, that sounds like a blast. And please make sure to tell Sam that I'm proud of him for working on his Eagle. I'm so grateful for everyones help with my project.
I guess I didn't write down that much cool stuff this week, but I'll just share some thoughts I've been having.
For anyone that is preparing for your mission. IT'S THE BEST THING YOU COULD EVER DO WITH YOUR TIME!!! Nothing has brought me this much happiness and I feel so much closer to my Savior. It's definitely not easy, but it's so worth it. I used to feel really comfortable teaching and most everything I've learned has come pretty quickly. It's different now, but as I trust in the Lord everyday I am strengthened and when I look back it's amazing to me how far I've come. I know Heavenly Father watches over and blesses His missionaries because he watches over and blesses me.
I used to feel I was pretty close to the Spirit but since I've come to the MTC it's been real different. I wasn't feeling the same and was a little confused why when I'm in the MTC I don't feel the Spirit more. One day I was just thinking about what investigators feel, especially about the Spirit and it just hit me. I've been telling my investigators what the Spirit feels like. The "fruits of the Spirit" are love, peace, joy, faith, pretty much all good things. (Galatians 5:22-23 says it better) I feel that way all the time in the MTC and realized that the Spirit has been with me. I was definitely looking beyond the mark for deeper experiences and now I'm trying to just enjoy the Spirit when I feel those feelings. Also in John 14 I think and like verse 15 Jesus prays that the Comforter will "abide" with His disciples. I know the Spirit can really abide with us and not just be with us. It's a tiny word change, but it gave me lots of comfort.
I was able to watch the Joseph Smith movie on Sunday and it was amazing as always. I'm so grateful for all he did and know he is a prophet of God. Go watch it if you have the time. Or watch the new Mormon Message, pretty much there's just endless amounts of great church things you can watch. That's easy for me though because church things are ALL I can watch.
Two quick things Mom. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of "Come What May and Love It" by Elder Wirthlin. It's probably my favorite talk of all time and I want to be able to read it. Also, if you can get a copy in Spanish that would be real cool. I can read tons in Spanish, but I'm really working on being able to speak. And I'm not sure if it's possible but I would love to get the Ensigns for General Conference while I'm on my mission. Once again I have no idea if that's possible or how it would happen, but if it's not too much of a hassle I would appreciate it.
I almost forgot and I'm sure you've all been wondering. I don't have my visa and there has been no word on it. I've heard of some people going to Peru and other countries (especially Spain) that haven't received their visas and were reassigned to a different mission when their time at the MTC was up. I think that's a temporary reassignment so it sounds pretty cool and the longer it goes the more likely it seems like that will happen to me. I'm pretty sure you just get assigned to a new mission in the US until your visa comes, but I'll definitely be getting more information soon.
I love you all and hope you're loving life. Keep smiling and make sure you're reading your scriptures and praying. God wants to hear from you, that's what I tell people all day everyday.
Love you again,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great Happiness!

Hey Everybody,

So Jake might be the only one that gets the title but pretty much it means I LOVE THE MTC! It's a place of wonders. I'm not going to say that all my wildest dreams have come true, but I have been having some pretty wild dreams at night. The best part is just knowing every second of the day that you're where you're supposed to be. Now I need to work on doing every second of the day what I'm supposed to be doing. This week flew by and I learned so much.

Last week after I went to the temple I just thought about it for a while. I don't know what your schedules are like but I know if you make time for the temple (even if it's just sitting outside or driving around it) things will go much better. I've been so blessed to live so close to the temple my whole life and I can see so many blessings I've received from going. It's definitely been easy for me with all the examples of my friends and family who go so often. It's my favorite place in the world and I'm so grateful for temples.

I guess you got the picture with the Ambassador of Peru and you can put it up on the blog or something if you want. It was really cool to talk with him and to hear a little about his country. He told us that usually when people go to Peru he tells them to have fun, but he couldn't really do that because we can't have women, alcohol, or other things like that. I thought it was a little funny, but maybe just sad that he thought those were the only ways to have fun. The worlds views are so different from our own just like Elder Holland said in the CES Fireside which I highly recommend. The best part about talking with him was just getting excited to be with the people of Peru though. I can't even express the love I have for them already and I've never stepped foot in Peru. All I ever hear is that they are so warm and loving. Heavenly Father blessed me so much with this mission call and I'm so excited to serve the people of Peru.

I over heard some other Elders talking and it's not the first time I've heard a story like that but it just reminded me of the type of missionary I want to be. They were just talking about someone else they knew who had served and who was always asked by his companions why he walked so fast. He said that he only had 2 years to serve and he wasn't going to waste a single second, he was going to share the greatest message anyone could receive with everyone that he physically could. That was just an inspiration to me and I want to be like that.

I've heard the bells from BYU a couple of times and for anyone there at college (or anywhere else for that matter) try to enjoy the little things because I definitely miss them now that I don't get to be blasted by them everyday.

On Sunday I went on my temple walk and went to the back corner to get a good look at the house. The windows look great and I'm glad I was able to get some pictures. Make sure Papa's not working too hard and if you have some time work with him. I learned so much from him and had some great talks this summer that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I get to watch the Brigham City Temple dedication and I'm so excited. I'm so happy for Oma and Opa and everyone else that will be blessed so much by that temple.

Now for the coolest story of the week. Sunday during the devotional there was a group of 4 Elders singing. I saw one of their nametags and it said Tipene. My heart started racing and after the meeting I hurried up to see him. I asked him if his name was Beau-Henry (another Elder had told me that was Piwa's sons name) and he said it was. Then I made sure and asked if he was Piwa's son and Uncle Charlie's grandson. Then I told him that Papa was the one that built his chapel in Pipiwai and he said that pretty much made me family. He said his whole family was doing well and I asked him to tell them hi from the Moulton's. He told me to do the same. So this is a hello from the Tipene's. That was just a cool experience to meet up at the MTC with someone I don't really know, but that is still a part of my life. I want to go to New Zealand really bad. Anyone up for a trip in 2 years?

I hope school, work, and all else that life brings is going well. I pray for you everyday and know the Lord is watching over you. Keep working hard and I'll do the same. Thanks for your encouragement and the love you always show me.

Love your missionary,
Elder Aaron Wheatley