Monday, November 5, 2012

Great Week!

Hola Everybody,

Well, this week was my first baptism and I can´t even describe it. Elder Claros was sick so I baptized Hermano Luis. I didn't really want to because I wanted my first baptism to be really special, someone I had really come to love and helped along the path. I prayed and learned one of the greatest lessons of my life though. My thoughts were directed to my baptism and how I felt that day. I didn't know everything, but I knew I needed to be baptized so I did it. I didn't feel super special that day, well maybe because everyone was so happy for me. I was happy to be given the chance to help change someone elses life. I kept thinking about it and still felt it should have been a little more special. Then it came to me that it´s kind of like a birthday. It´s just like any other day but something special happened. You were changed instantly. That real change doesn't come until after some time though. You don´t feel 19 until after some time. I think it´s the same with baptism, receiving the priesthood, going to the temple, being a missionary, maybe getting married (not sure about that one). It was such a blessing to me to be able to help someone enter the gate and learn so much about the ways of God.

I´m so happy to hear that you had a great birthday Mom. And that´s awesome that you got to go to the temple on your special day. I really can´t explain how much it means to me that you would think about all of us missionaries while you were in the temple. I feel heavens help everyday and there´s no way I would be able to do this without the strength of heaven. I know Heavenly Father watches over His missionaries and all His children.

I´m also happy to hear that Halloween was great for everybody. What a fun time together and this next little while is just family packed.

The elections sound crazy and I´m praying that God´s will will be done. I´ll be looking forward to hearing the results next week, or more likely some member will tell me something. They always have some crazy news. Which reminds me about Hurricane Sally I think. It sounds like everything is okay, but I've been praying for all the people in that area.

Now time for the great firsts. I rode in a mototaxi which is a motorcycle taxi. It´s super fun, I guess it´s just all knew and exciting. First compliment on a tie, and I have to say good choice to Mom for the green tie that you thought was the best because someone here thinks the same. First crazy food. I don´t know if I wrote, but I was pretty close to eating chicken foot soup but she didn't want to serve me because it was cold. Well this week I ate Caucau which was really good. It was kind of like a really light curry. Well, I learned after that the meat was mondongo or literally translated intestines. I was told it was really cow stomach which seems better to me. Either way it was fine. I wasn´t super impressed but I really loved the spices so I´ll definitely eat it again.

How exciting for Mitch this week. Send my love to him and all the family. Like I said it´s a day that will change his life for ever. Also, way to go Aunt Michelle and Uncle Steve. I´d love to see pictures when it´s all done.

Hillary, I´m proud of you for facing your fear of needles to serve the Lord. I´m so excited for you and can´t wait to hear where you will be serving. It´s definitely not a walk in the park, but I've learned so much already and I know the mission is where I´m supposed to be. If anyone else is trying to decide, just pray. God will tell you what is best.

That brings me to Matthew. Pray about it and you´ll find out what is best. I think it would be awesome for you to go to BYU though. I would love to have a class with you or something like that. It was so fun with Charlie. I´m so grateful that we are all so close. Just pray and I´ll be praying for you too.

I´m praying for Nomi and Papa and Oma and Opa and all the family every night. I´ll be even more specific with Papa and Oma this week. I know everything will work out.

Thanks for all the love and encouragement. That´s crazy to hear about the MTC and all the other changes. Thanks again for all the updates.

Have the best week ever! I´ll keep praying for all of you and please pray for all the missionaries, we can´t do this alone.

Elder Aaron Wheatley

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