Sunday, December 2, 2012


I love you everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all of the pictures and the emails. It was so comforting to just hear and see about all that´s going on. I´m so grateful that you could all receive the comfort from the Comforter and keep moving forward. That´s so amazing that Papa was able to eat and have a great time with you all. I am praying for you all constantly. I fasted yesterday for you all (joining in the family fast 2 weeks late) and I know Heavenly Father is strengthening us. I have never felt like this in my life. It´s the craziest, I just don´t know. The mission is like nothing else.

I am so excited for Hillary. ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually am sitting next to an Elder Maimo who is from the Resistencia Mission. Have the best of times visiting Iguasu Falls (or however you spell that). Also, Elder Dane Taylor´s there and he´s a stud. She wrote me a couple of weeks ago and I´ll write her back, but I just wanted to write some advice for her and all other people preparing to go on missions. I can´t even describe the feelings that you will go through. It is the biggest roller-coaster ride of your life. I feel the only way you can prepare yourself is to live worthy of the Holy Ghost. It seems so simple, but really if you have the Holy Ghost everything else will come. Don´t become discouraged when you can´t speak because it´s just a fact, or really anything else hard. This week I let my brain get the better of me a couple of times and I really have learned that becoming discouraged only makes things worse. Stay positive and happy. When you don´t feel like you feel the Spirit search for it (or should I say) seek and ye shall find. I promise you the Spirit will be with you because it has been with me.

The other thing I would suggest is read all of The Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel before you leave. I know it´s really hard, because I didn't finish Preach My Gospel. I promise you though if you study The Book of Mormon everyday a different spirit will enter your life. (That goes for everyone). I love the Book of Mormon more than I could ever express and am so grateful I can read it and pray to my loving Heavenly Father. I think a mission is something you just have to experience. The other thing is when you have a hard day and are close to hating something, just remember so many people have felt the same as you. Talk to all those around you who have served missions before and ask them all the questions. Ask them what was harder than anything and why it was worth it. Ask them what they loved more than anything and how much love they felt. I promise you a mission is worth whatever sacrifice you need to make either before or during your mission.

I wanted to share a couple of scriptures I found really helpful this week. Doctrine and Covenants 42:44-46 and Doctrine and Covenants 59:15-20.

Some other crazy things from this week. Here in Perú there is this thing which is called Panetón. It´s pretty much just glorified fruitcake and it´s everywhere. I guess Christmas really isn´t that different down here after all. I´m laughing just thinking about all the crazy things people eat. It´s not bad, but where did it come from? We may never know.

We were contacting this week and this person said ´´how are you? hello.´´ all the usual. I´m learning to just embrace being a gringo. So I said to him that my companion isn't a gringo, but that I was. The other guy sitting there started to speak in English but I didn't really understand. I thought he was just joking around too, but then he didn't stop. I realized THIS MAN HAS A SOUTHERN DRAWL!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I about cried. It was so amazing. He was from Georgia and we talked for a couple of minutes. I really can´t even describe the joy that brought me. I mean, a southern drawl for real? I've never been so happy to hear one before in my life though. It´s just a tender mercy from God to allow me to talk with someone in English (even if it is practically a different language in the south).

Really this week has just been a week of growth. I have learned more than I ever thought possible. I was tried by so many things but always Heavenly Father rescued me when I thought I couldn't go a step further. It´s amazing to me that one good thing can erase all the hard that has happened. That one thing is feeling the Spirit and allowing the Atonement into our lives.

I found out that I´m going to be transferred to an area called Faucett. I really don´t know too much, but of course it´s farther north in my mission. I´ll take lots of pictures with my new companion and the new area when I get there. I am really going to miss the people of Fiori. I feel like there are so many miracles just waiting to happen there, but I know I have learned what I needed to and I am being sent to where the Lord needs me. I feel peace again just knowing that His will is being done.

I hope you all have an amazing week. It´s so great to hear that you are enjoying all the time you are given. That´s really how we all need to live life. I´m learning to love being a missionary. I really do love my mission. I think I´ll understand it all more with time. It´s so fun to see you all having a great time at the house. What an amazing blessing from God that house is and I am also grateful to hear the news about Wallace Lane. I´m so happy that someone else can love that house as we all did.

Send my love to everyone and give them all hugs and some kisses too. I am so grateful for all of your examples. Your strength keeps me going everyday. Knowing that you have all gone before me and trusted in the Lord (especially all you who have served missions). I love you all so much. I´m praying for you and know more than ever that God is our loving Heavenly Father. He is always watching over us and wants to bless us.

Love you more than words can say,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

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