Monday, July 7, 2014


Happy Birthday Mariah!!! I hope it is the best birthday ever! You deserve the best.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I loved the big letter that I got, it was so great to hear from so many people. It got here with good timing too because it was the 4th of July so I read it probably when all of you were out watching some amazing fireworks. I hope you all had tons of fun for the 4th and are all enjoying the great summer weather.

I also got a letter from Aunt Kimber that day.  That's fun that they got a new dog. I hope you all (Mom, Mariah, Brianna, Aunt Kimber, Aunt Stacy, and Aunt Julie) have such a fun time in San Francisco this week. That sounds like so much fun.

This week just flew by. I had a great birthday just serving the Lord like every other day. It was great to be able to give of myself that day though. It was fun to remember 2 years ago when we were working up at Nomi and Papa's house and we ate doughnuts. Then of course how we went out for Peruvian food after. So 3 years in a row I've had Peruvian food for my birthday, I think it has now become a tradition and I'm more than happy with that.

A funny thing real quick. So there are like a billion churches all over the place in Perú. I don't know who starts them or keeps them going, but there's like a different church every block or so. One in my area is ''Casa de Job''. I mean I know he's a great guy and example to us and everything, but I just wish people were able to realize that if we worship Jesus Christ, His church should have His name. I guess that's why we're all out here though, to help them know the truth. I'm so grateful I can help others come unto Christ and live according to His gospel.

So a miracle on my birthday was the familia Felix. We were just walking and there was a family. It's a rule in our mission to contact all the families we see in the street (I don't always do it like I should, but I'm trying) and so I contacted them. He was way too cool about it and we were just talking while we were walking. So I asked for their direction and he just pointed to a house and we arrived there before I could write it down. Then I just asked if we could share a quick message and he said of course. I don't know exactly what the best part is, but it all started great when he said he was married. As we were teaching they understood more than the usual person and the 9 year old kid was way too smart when it came to authority. He just said that God isn't going to give authority to some random church, it has to come from Him. And then when we went back for the second visit he talked about the First Vision and pretty much quoted it. That was so awesome. Oh yeah, and the dad said that so many people pass by and knock the door, but he never lets them in. But with us it was different, he said that he felt lots of happiness in his heart when we started to talk with him. That was such an amazing birthday present sent from Heavenly Father.

In my studies this week I read Mosiah 7 and 8 and it was great to learn more about prophets and seers. I really liked reading the footnotes that I hadn't read before and learning in the Bible what it also says in the Book of Mormon. It continues to amaze me how the Bible and the Book of Mormon teach the same doctrine, but how much clearer it is in the Book of Mormon. And my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and all that Joseph Smith said was strengthened as once again it all just fit together too perfectly. How all the stories are so intertwined and so perfect. 

My miracle for the week was all day yesterday. Hermano Caruajulca had offered to take a bunch of investigators to church which was so kind of him. He has two cars, his son went in one with Elder Sayoud, and I went in the other with him. As we were picking people up his car broke down. So that complicated things, but then his son came by and was able to take all of the investigators to church. We arrived a little later and they were all really happy. They all enjoyed church so much. Then at night we were going to teach a lesson and an old investigator, Jerry, came up to us. I had talked to him a bunch of times, but hadn't ever taught him. He said he wanted to talk with us and so my companion asked him when he was going to get baptized, which he has asked him a couple of times already, but this time was different. He said that he had prayed and felt that he needed to be baptized. So then my companion invited him to get baptized this Saturday and he accepted. He's already been interviewed a couple of times, but every time he bailed. My companion said that this time he was different. So we went inside to teach him right there in the house of a member family that are his neighbors. I felt something really special too and know that God is preparing His children to accept His gospel and receive His blessings. It was amazing how it all worked out.  I know that God does work miracles.

We are seeing so many miracles here in Villas de Ancón. I love it so much. Things are going well with Elder Sayoud. We are both trying to change and become better missionaries. It's amazing and I'm so grateful to be with him.

So, Hermano Caruajulca that offered to take us to church is also the family that feeds us. His car broke down like 3 times last week and I know it's so hard on him, but he keeps trying his best. I'm so grateful that we can help that family too and for the amazing help they are to us. There are so many kind people here.  I love Perú.

Hermana Charo fasted on Saturday without an invitation or anything, she just did it. She's so amazing and we taught her a little better how to fast. Also, Matt, the guy we baptized a couple of weeks ago moved to Chile. That was kind of sad, but then he said that his mom had told him that she lives two doors down from the church in Chile so that should be awesome for him and I hope the missionaries in Chile can baptize his family.

Thanks again for all of the love, support, and prayers. Have the best week ever and know that you are all in my prayers.
Love your happy missionary in Perú,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

The most American cereal I could find for my birthday breakfast!

Elder Scheiss and I.  We had companionship exchanges.

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