Monday, January 20, 2014

Loco Peru!

Hey Family (Friends are Family too),

This week was so awesome.  I am just loving it here in Perú. I mean, every day isn't the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, but I am so happy after all is said and done. I really feel like I am doing the Lord's work and accepting His will too. There was one night this week when I especially felt good. I just lied down at night and felt I had done all that I needed to (not all that I could, but all that I needed to, all that was necessary) and I just felt so fulfilled. Life is great!

So Elder Carrillo...he's the bomb dot com. But for real, I am loving my time so much with him and already feel like we know each other so well. We just talk about all sorts of things and it's super fun. He's alright at English, he can work sentences out in his head, but I'm not sure how much he understands. It's fun to joke around with him though. I say ''NO PUEDE SER'' a lot and he laughs everytime. He says that I say it really dramatically like something tragic has happened. It means like ''no way'' or ''it can't be'' in English so now he started saying ''NO WAY'' and it make me laugh way hard. It's super fun to be with him. He has almost a year in the mission and is from El Salvador (everyone here thinks he says Villa Salvador which is a place in Lima and that makes me laugh so hard). It sounds like a pretty crazy place.

Alright so about Loco Perú. I was trying to sleep the other night and was doing a good job until at 12:30 some bombs went off. Well, I knew they weren't really bombs, but they were so loud and it was funny because they made some car alarms go off. I knew they were really fireworks, but they were so loud. After like 10 I finally get up to see if they are at least pretty and look out the window. So some crazy people decided to buy fireworks that just go up into the sky and explode without making any beauty. I don't know what loco bought them, but he got gypped. They stopped for like 30 seconds so we laid back down and then he decided to shoot off some more. Welcome to Perú!

So the same night. I finally get over the trauma of the bombs in the sky and an ambulance decides to drive down our street at 1:30 in the morning with its sirens on. I don't know what he was doing because I've never actually seen an ambulance arrive at a house here before. But he chills there for a minute and then drives off normal speed and without his siren. I was gonna hunt him down too, but was too tired. 

We met some really awesome people this week. Well really we had met them both before, but finally got to teach them this week. One of them is Fernando. He is actually our neighbor and he yelled out to me in English so we talked and then another day we were walking by the school he owns and he called out to us again. He lived in Kentucky for a couple of years and speaks English really well. He had a lot of friends that are members of the church, so he's heard a lot. He's super cool and prayed to know that the Church is true for like 10 minutes at least (my knees were dead). We need to help him understand that he needs to act on his answer, but he's just awesome. He's been to Utah before too and a bunch of other states. I'll keep you updated on him.

The other is David. He actually lived in Utah for 6 years and knows a ton about the Mormons. He has a U of U sticker on the back of his car, but there's always time to repent. It's cool to identify him though. He's a great guy and just needs to leave behind some bad habits. It turns out pretty much his whole family are members of the church so that's super cool. He speaks English really well and I'm just loving this.

Things are going so well and I see the Lord's hand in so many things. We are just so blessed and I'm so grateful to be here in Perú.

Know that you are all in my prayers. And Brianna, I hope you get feeling better soon. I love you all more than I could ever say. Have the best week ever!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the weather and school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you all next week!!!!!!!!

Love your happy, happy, happy son/brother/friend,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley
We had Chilean "completos" with our Zone

Good-bye to Elder Herrera

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