Sunday, May 18, 2014


HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all of you mothers, future mothers, and everyone blessed by a mother too. Please give a huge hug to Nomi and Oma if you're going to see her again. And just spread the love to everyone else too. I'm so grateful for you Mom and the amazing example you are to me. The good I have comes from you and I'm sure you can all attest to the same in your lives.

This week flew by so quickly with a trip to Lima (not as eventful as the last one) and two trainings from Presidente. They were really cool and I just loved how he unfolds the scriptures. I'm sure looking forward to religion classes and institute when I get home. You should all definitely take advantage of those things now.

Probably the coolest part of the week was the root beer floats for Brianna's birthday. I really never thought I would find root beer in Perú, but God does miracles. Then I went on to find Cadbury chocolate in the same week that of course comes from Birmingham, England. Yeah, it was a good feast for me.

So I met this guy at the bus station the other day. Well, I walked up to him and tried to talk at least. He was the gringoest looking gringo I've ever seen so I was sure he was going to speak English. Usually I'm pretty afraid when I see a white person because I don't know if they'll speak English, but this time I was sure. He was super tall, had a beer gut, and was smoking a cigarette. So I walk up to him and talk in English and then he says Franz. I was thinking he said France so I was like cool, you're from France. Then he said France again so I said, oh you speak French. Then he said Italian so I thought that was pretty cool. I was a little sad by my inability to communicate so tried again and asked his name. He said Franz and then said he's from Italy. It still didn't click so I gave him a pass along card and walked away. Then I realized that he was trying to introduce himself and I didn't even tell him my name. I guess he's just thinking I'm another stuck up American that doesn't want to learn a new language or something like that, and he has every right to that. What an adventure! I'll do better next time.

In church yesterday I was thinking about sacrifice and about Abraham and it just hit me. There are so many people that say they have to work on Sunday for their kids and I think about me. I mean, if I'm going hungry that's one thing, but I don't know how I would react if my kids are starving too. That sounds like a perfectly normal fatherly instinct to me. Then it just came to me. Abraham was not only going to follow the Lord's will and let his son go hungry, he was going to sacrifice his son. That must have gone against everything he was feeling, but he always remembered that he had made a covenant with God to always be faithful, no matter the price. Abraham is such a great example to me along with my ancestors. The pioneers did the same and I pray I will be like them. I'm so grateful I can learn these things on the mission.

My spiritual experience was definitely the baptismal interview that Juana had. I guess it's even better though because I had nothing to do with it. When Elder Salazar went working with me this week he asked Hermana Juana if she would be willing to have her interview on Sunday right after church and she agreed. I thought that was something new, but it just might work. So on Sunday her daughter told me that she was busy, but my companion passed by with another member and were able to help her come to church. We announced that her baptism is Friday several times to the members and every time she would shake her head and say no, but we just kept going. She accepted to have the interview and Elder Brown was led by the Spirit to what he needed to say. I feel like it was really spiritual for me because I didn't lose the faith. It was hard to keep going when she kept saying no, we didn't want to force her, but we know she's ready. She had the interview and we're all ready for Friday. It was really special and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father comforted and quieted her fears.

I can't believe that Ulysses, Jeremy, Matt, and Andrew are all home. I love you brethren so much. Stay strong and we'll be seeing each other soon.

I love you all more than I could ever say. Thanks for all of your amazing examples. Have the best week ever!!!!!!!!!1

Love your ever dedicated servant of the Lord,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

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