Monday, April 28, 2014


Yeah, it was that amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The greatest moment of my entire mission definitely occured this Tuesday. It was transfers and I had to go to Lima to bring everyone back to Barranca. So that's when the magic/miracles/mercy begins.

We were supposed to get out of there pretty fast, but some things set us back. Some missionaries had to do some quick things and I had an important assignment to fulfill (Hermana Hillary Young, my cousin, had sent me dulce de leche from Argentina so I had to go by the offices) We have to take a bus to Barranca that takes 4 hours so we had to buy the tickets and they told us that the bus would be leaving in like 40 minutes. We then went to go eat at Burger King (so amazing) and got kind of late. We were gonna be fine, but the hermanas went before us to buy some donuts (yeah, I didn't partake of the goodness) and as we were trying to leave the mall (Plaza Norte) to get to the bus station next door they weren't with us.

So I was calling them and looking around and then I saw some white people on the escalator. I immediately knew they were missionaries, and knew they were from the North Mission. I didn't see Elder Matthew Young (my cousin) at first so I was just gonna tell them real quick to tell him hi and then it happened. I just froze and everything went into super slow motion, alright maybe not so dramatic, but it was still amazing. My brain analyzed everything and I wanted to run, but I didn't want to just wait for him at the bottom of the escalator so I waited until he got off and then I bolted. My companion must have thought I was crazy, but I was already gone.

I ran so fast and before he even knew what was happening I was giving Matthew the biggest hug of my life. I almost knocked him over, but he's taller than the average Peruvian I'm used to hugging.

I only got to talk for a couple of minutes because we were already late, but it was just so amazing. It was so cool how I just felt like I had seen him last week or something and it hadn't been over a year. I think that's what heaven is going to be like. It was just like all the amazing memories came back and the time apart didn't even count.

Well, he speaks really great Spanish and it was just great to hug him and take a picture. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to leave because I know that next time I see him all the amazing memories will flood back again and it will be like we were never apart.

That was by far the most amazing experience of my entire mission and reminded me of the time I saw Elder Tanner Christensen in the temple. There really was no window of time for either experience, but I learned something cool. Heavenly Father never misses His window of opportunity and we all need to be ready to be able to make that window too.

So another cool experience this week was talking to a guy from Belgium. I saw the flag on his backpack and I thought it was from Germany so I tried out my more than rusty German on him and then he just answered me in English that it's the Belgium not German flag. That was more than a little embarassing, but I just rolled with it. We got to talking and it turns out some missionaries are actually teaching them in another area in the mission. His name is Chris and he's traveled all over the world. It was cool to run into him and I hope he continues to listen to the missionaries.

Another loco was we were talking to a less active guy and he told us about how he went to the temple before he was baptized and somehow he got in the line and ended up doing baptisms for the dead without being baptized. Welcome to Perú! I mean, that's just nuts, but I'm so glad God is in charge of those things and not me. I know it will all work out. Loco though.

About the temple again. I gave a little girl a pass along card with the Salt Lake Temple on it and she said ''A castle. A castle. A castle where God lives.'' (Un castillo, un catillo, un castillo donde vive Diocito). That was more true than she could ever know. I'm so grateful that the temple is the House of God.

My spiritual experience of the week was finding an awesome family just knocking thier door. I saw that they had elephants in the window and my sister loves elephants so that attracted my attention and then I saw that they had a Buddah too. I didn't knock that day, but then when I passed another day I felt it was time so I just knocked the door. I had been praying before and told God that I was talking with everyone and studying Preach My Gospel like Elder Ballard had said would double baptisms and I just wasn't seeing it yet. I told him I was trying my best and would just wait for the miracle. So when the hermano opened the door he was really receptive and we taught one of the most efficient lessons of my entire mission. Then we went back Sunday to teach them again (the mom and son) and they weren't there, but the dad and daughter with her husband were so we got to teach them. The son-in-law's mom is a member of the church and when we invited him to be baptized he said yes so quickly. It was an amazing experience and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father trusts in us enough to bless us with an entire family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIANNA!!! ¡¡¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! I love you so much Brianna and hope you have the best birthday ever. Thanks for being my little sister and loving me. I love you all so much. Have tons of fun Oma, Opa, Mom, and Mariah in St. George.

Have the best week ever and know you are all in my prayers. Thanks for all of your love and support. And never forget that miracles do happen.

Love your miraculously blessed friend in Perú,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

The greatest moment of my entire mission! It was a complete miracle. I love you Matthew (Elder Young)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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