Monday, April 21, 2014

We're Gonna Win!

Good times,

This week I got to go on a work visit with Elder Johnson, he's from Reno, Nevada, and is a totally cool guy. Well, we talked about a bunch of stuff, but the coolest was about this the final dispensation. It was cool how he talked about how much hope we can all have knowing that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will never again be taken from the earth. He said it must have been way depressing before to know that no matter how hard the prophets or other believers worked, that everything...EVERYTHING would be lost once again. I took a lot of hope from that and am so grateful that we were all ''saved for these latter-days''. It's so amazing to be serving alongside such amazing people.

We went to the beach last week and it was so so awesome. I took my frisbee and my football and just enjoyed the sand (minimal Peruvian garbage was nice too). I did some diving catches with the frisbee and I'm so excited to get out and play some Ultimate again.

A couple days this week I got to just walk and walk, talk and talk, knock and knock. It was cool to just give of my all even when it seemed like no one really wanted to listen. There were a couple of miracles that came later, but I'm grateful for a couple days where I had no evidence of my work because it makes me appreciate the other days so much.

My spiritual experience for the week was talking with Hermano M. He's the father of a family of less actives and he served a mission like 30 years ago. As I was talking to him I just felt like the words I was saying were given to me. I even recognized it while I was talking that it just flowed so perfectly. I didn't want to interrupt it though so I just kept opening my mouth. I wasn't condemning, but I didn't give him an escape either, well I guess that God didn't give him an escape.

I'm not the missionary that I need to be yet, but feeling the Spirit speak through me was something special and I know I am improving each and every day. It was so amazing to see that family come back to church. I told the father that our branch needs men who know how to honor the priesthood. Maybe he's not doing it now, but he's done it before so I told him I knew that he could do it again. That really hit me that God needs all of us even if we've strayed from the path. We've shown that we could do it before and God needs us again, and now. I gave him a big hug at church and he said he'll be coming again next week.

I know there are so many other people waiting for us to call them back to the fold too.  I'm grateful to be a part of this work. I don't know if I've felt like that before on the mission, but it was special to recognize the Spirit working through me in the very act. I was caught red handed.

I was just standing in a line yesterday to buy the bus ticket for my companion and something that Brother Osguthorpe (General President of the Sunday School) once told me about challenging his students to meet new people at BYU came to my mind.  He told us how one of them talked to everyone in a line waiting to buy books. Then I remembered Opa and how he talks to everyone he sees.  I looked around and there were a lot of people. I was going to talk to someone, but then he left. Then I turned around and before I could think twice I talked to the guy behind me in line. It turns out he's been invited by his friend who's a returned missionary and gone to church before. That was a really cool experience.  I want to thank Opa for his great example to me of talking with everyone. I'm seeing miracles as I open my mouth.

A couple times this week I had to sleep at the apartment of Elder Ortiz and Elder Castillo because my companion finished his mission today. Sleeping on the blow up mattress wasn't too bad and way worth fun times getting to know them.

Elder Garcia finished his mission today and I'm grateful I got to know him and learn so much from him. I'm excited for new experiences too. I was just thinking about how grateful I am for change and that sometimes we are even forced to change. I probably wouldn't choose to change if I was just left to myself so I'm grateful that God sends us curveballs every once in a while to help us keep learning and growing and to keep us attentive too. I'm grateful Heavenly Father sends us new people to learn from and to love (even learn to love) too. The mission is amazing.

A cute little Peruvian girl just helped pick up some things I had dropped. I'm gonna miss these kids so much. I love Peru.

You are all in my prayers. Thanks for your amazing examples. Have the best week ever!

Con amor, su amigo fiel,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

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