Thursday, September 13, 2012

What a Life!!!

Hey All,
I'm in the same district I was in before I'm just with a new companion, Elder Poole. I guess the training schedule is pretty much the same here at Provo and in Lima too so if I get my visa I would head on down there and continue with the same program. The way I understood it was that as soon as the church got my visa they would send me down to Peru. Probably that would be on a flight with other missionaries going to Peru, but I'm not completely sure. I love it here though and have grown so much. I would probably be learning the language better down in Lima but that's really only a means to an end. The only reason Spanish matters is so I can effectively convey what I am trying to say but way more important than that is being the right type of person. I'm learning so much about patience and love here at the MTC and I think those are way more important lessons. I know the Spanish will come in time and I'm working hard everyday.
Last week we went to the TRC and had two great lessons. The first was with a man named Patricio who is from Ecuador. It amazed me how much I understood, I know he was talking pretty slow, and how much I could say back to him. I was a little intimidated at first but when I stopped thinking about it and just talked like he was my friend the Spanish came. I'm not even close to where I need to be but I saw a lot of progress this last week. I know Heavenly Father is blessing me so much and I have learned so much. I can read the scriptures or Preach My Gospel and understand almost everthing. I'm learning new words everyday and our lessons are getting so much better. The other lesson we had in the TRC was with a guy named Kyle who got back from his mission in Spain a couple of months ago. When he found out we were going to Peru he got so excited and kept saying "Es la mejor comida en todos los paises" or something like that. He explained that in Spain there were people from all over South America and by far his favorite was Peruvian food. It made me excited to see someone else that excited. I gained a lot of confidence and I'll have a lot to learn when I get to Peru but I'm grateful to know I can have a conversation with a native and it will only get better.
This last week was full of crazy surprises. It was so great to see Aunt Heather at the temple and I'm glad she was able to pass along the hug mom. We went to the health center yesterday because one of the elders in my room was really sick. A man walked up to my companion and me and asked us if we could help him with a blessing and that was a great opportunity. I'm grateful we were able to serve. The best part was the lady with the "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die" ring tone though. Just little things like that make you laugh for a while when you're a missionary. On Saturday BYU had a football game, as I'm sure you all know, but I didn't. When we went outside for gym we heard the band playing and that was awesome. I guess it was after the game because a huge line of cars started to accumulate. It was fun just thinking about all the times I've been to football games or been stuck in football traffic. It seems like it should have been a distraction but I don't really think about those things anymore. I was just happy for all the people that were able to have a fun time at the game.
Sorry to hear about the exchange student but I still think that would be awesome if you're feeling up to having one. I just love getting to know so many different people and I know you would be a great influence in their life.
I watched the talk "Good, Better, Best" by Elder Oaks and that was a good choice. I would definitely recommend it along with pretty much every Conference talk ever. I've been trying to read from the last Conference Ensign and that's been a great blessing. What I wanted to say about the talk was that I'm grateful. I can't remember exactly what he said but I wanted to thank you Mom, Dad, Brianna and everyone else for the one on one time where you showed me how much you loved me. And I want to say thanks for the talks under the stars, in the car, on the couch, or wherever they happened. I've been so blessed with such great friends and family in my life.
I hope school and work is going well for everone and I pray for you guys. That's great to hear that Dad is doing a lot of soccer games. Have tons of fun and don't over do it.
I just remembered that you asked about Elder Poole and yes, he's going to the Lima West Mission too.
Have tons of fun Mom, Brianna, and the Aunties for the rest of the time you have in Florida. I hope you're all taking time to relax, especially you Mom. Don't be worrying about me at all because I love it in here. This last week flew by but that's what happens when every second of every day is used in the service of the Lord. I'm so grateful to be here and there's no place I would rather be. If there's anyone you know who's trying to decide about going on a mission tell them they will never regret spending their time serving the Lord. I watched "Missions Are Forever" by Elder Holland which might be another one of those MTC only talks but it helped me be even that much more grateful for my mission. He said a day doesn't go by that he doesn't think about his mission. He also said he hopes we are never "normal" again after our mission. This is Real Life he said and I know we all have an opportunity to share the gospel with those around us. Thanks for being such great examples to me and I know you're being a great example to everyone else around you.
Next week is gonna come faster than ever.
I love you all.
Elder Aaron Wheatley

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