Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm a Song from the 60's

I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I'll try to write as much as I can about this week, but really my mind just keeps going back to Matthew.

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND FOR ME AND FOR THE PEOPLE OF PERÚ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I KNEW YOU WERE COMING TO PERÚ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, quick story about my ''knowing''. So it was Thursday night, the night I thought Matthew was going to get his call, and I was talking to my companion and the family that we live with. I was saying that I had a feeling he would be coming to Perú. I really don't know how to describe it. Ever since I received my call I always thought it would be cool for Matthew to come to Perú. So that leads us back to Papa. I remember two and a half years ago during Conference he gave a tie to Joseph. He explained that it was al paca wool and that it was really special. I was happy for Joseph and didn't think anything until 2 years ago April 2011 General Conference. Papa came out with two more ties and gave them to Matthew and me. He then explained again how special they were and I was pretty excited. I wore that tie pretty often and really loved it. One day in the Singles Ward my Stake President asked me if I had served in Perú because of my tie and I said I hadn't served yet. Then exactly one year ago I opened my mission call and bawled like a baby. That tie became one of my favorite possessions. I thought about Matthew and Joseph and wondered if there was something really special, almost magical, in those ties. I said Matthew was going to be called to Perú, as for Joseph I'm not sure, but it would be almost perfect.

I told my companion and the family this and they thought it was cool. I guess at that point Matthew had already opened his mission call, but I had no idea. Now today I am shaking, so excited about Matthew and all the fun stories we will have. I thought it would be awesome for him to just speak Spanish so he could talk with Charlie, Hillary, and me, but I received an even better gift. He is my next door neighbor and one day we will be coming back together. Maybe I will be able to come pick him up (seeing as he leaves almost exactly one year after me). I don't know exactly what the Lord has in store, but I know it's something special.

One of the last things Papa told me as I was able to talk to him over the phone has stuck with me and means even more now than ever. He said that he had walked the streets of Lima and had been where I am. I know that counts for so many places in the world, but it was something so special from him. I am so amazed at the love and mercy Heavenly Father shows to us all as a family. I keep thinking that it's impossible for our family to become any closer, but the Lord keeps surprising me and blessing me so much.

I LOVE YOU MATTHEW AND THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright, I hope that keeps you all informed. Now on to my week.

This week we are for sure (sí o sí) going to the temple and I am so excited for that too! We will be going Thursday the 28th and I think we are going for the 2 o'clock session, but am not quite sure. Once again I would love for any and all of you that can to go to the temple and feel of the Spirit there. I love the temple so much and am really excited to go to the Lima Temple for the first time.

Last Monday was such a miracle too. Really all week long has been such a miracle. We watched a movie called ''Together Forever'' and I'm not sure if I had my mission goggles on or not, but it doesn't really matter because it was a response to my prayers. It made me remember exactly why I am here in Perú and comforted me a lot. Sometimes I get thinking about how life just adds stresses and how crazy it must be to be a parent. But then I watched the video and remembered that having a family is the greatest joy we can ever have and I felt the Spirit so much. The investigators (Leonor and her son Walter) really felt it too. Her husband died about 4 months ago and I know it meant a lot to her. They are so amazing and have been prepared to hear the message of the Gospel. I am so excited to teach them again today. That movie is just what was needed at the time.

Oh yeah, so it's with the same family after the movie. We were talking about what we had felt and her neighbor who is a member was there. We asked her to share her testimony and all of a sudden she just takes off. She was talking forever about who knows what and then started talking about a near death experience she had or something.  Walter was just kind of laughing every once in a while. I tried my best to cut her off nicely and thought I was doing good and then she would just pick up where she left off. Nothing worked and so we just had to wait it out. I figure it is just one of those mission stories that will make it through the ages. I'm still laughing about it though and love the adventures of mission life.

Another good story is about how we were searching for an investigators house. The addresses here are pretty messed up (better than some other countries I have heard of) and we couldn't find the house for anything. We did get some good contacts in though as we kept knocking on the wrong door. After 40 minutes we finally found the house after passing by twice and having to evade dogs multiple times. We knocked and they said he had just left. Another good one for the memories. We did find him later in the week though and he actually went to church which was awesome.

This week I caught myself thinking in Spanish and I don't know how often I do it or for how long it's been happening, but it was really cool. The Gift of Tongues is real.

We had a bunch of new investigators this week and I never thought I would say it, but I'm getting to the point where it's almost that we have too many. They are all new though so there isn't really anyone to drop. Oh well, we'll just keep working hard and trusting in the Lord. We met so many amazing families and I know Heavenly Father is blessing us abundantly. I know we are receiving blessings because of our obedience. Elder Figallo and I are far from perfect, but we really try and I know that's why we are blessed. I love my companion so much and this week has probably been the best of my whole mission. We actually study as a companionship which is so important and focus on the needs of the investigators. As we have done so our minds and hearts have been opened by the Spirit and the Lord keeps pouring out His blessings.

We were able to be there when an Elder in our ward was released from his mission. I'm not really sure why he had it done in front of other people, but it was pretty special. It gave me so much of a desire to just go out and work. I don't want to be released, it can come later. I just want to go talk to the people out on the street and help them receive the greatest peace and joy they can find in this life.

Saturday we had a Missionary Night and it was awesome. A lot of investigators came and I think it was a fun time for them. We played a bunch of games including musical chairs and that was fun. The song ''Return to Me'' came on and that was a highlight. I remember watching that movie and for all you chick flick lovers out there, it's highly recommended. We also got wrapped up in toilet paper like mummies and that was pretty fun. It reminded me a lot of the Mutual activities we had and I'm grateful now more than ever for the great leaders who set up so many fun times for us youth.

This week I looked up the street and it seemed so normal to me. Once again, I'm not sure if it was the first time or just the first time that I noticed that feeling, but it was something special. Perú feels like home right now and I am doing everything to keep it that way. Church just felt like church and being with the members really is like being with family. I love Perú!

Now for random moment of the week. We were walking home last night and all of a sudden I just started running ''flighless birding it'' is actually more correct. For those of you who know what that is I hope it makes you smile and for those of you who don't look it up on Youtube. My companion was just laughing at me. I thought about Ryan Tirrell and all of my friends that have done it before though and it was a good ol' time.

As for my reading in the Book of Mormon, it was probably the greatest week of studying the Book of Mormon for me.  It is the most amazing book and my testimony was strengthened so much. I loved reading in Alma 12 about the Plan of Happiness/Salvation/Redemption/God. It was explained so plainly and clearly and I have never noticed it before. It was exactly what an investigator needed. Then I got to read Alma 14 and was blessed even more. I studied it alone and then we studied it as a companionship. We learned how important silence is and how sometimes we need to just ''take it'' as Jesus did. I remember that Charlie sent me some verses from that chapter when he was on his mission and I love it too Charlie. It's so amazing how the Book of Mormon has changed for me on my mission. I always loved it, but my love has grown exponentially on my mission.

Then today I was able to read Alma 17 and we all know how amazing it is for all the brothers and sisters out there in the mission field. I am so grateful for all my friends serving with me and am excited to be joined by even more.

I think that's about it.


I love you all so much. Have the greatest week ever!

Love your son, brother, and friend,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

P.S. The title was just something funny that came to my mind. Brianna might know what it is, but Jake definitely does.

An amazing family - Carlos, Luisa and grandchildren
Activity night -  being wrapped up like a mummy!

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