Friday, April 5, 2013

Looking forward to General Conference!

How is everyone doing?

I am so excited this week for General Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D It really is one of my favorite weekends of the year (I guess 2 weekends) and we'll see what it's like down here in Peru. It's definitely not going to be the same, but I'm sure I will feel the Spirit. I have a lot of questions I'm praying to receive answers to and probably more than ever I am focused on General Conference. I think that will make a big difference, going in really searching for something.

Also, we didn't go to the temple last week so we are going tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again I invite everyone that can to go. And if you've gone the last two weeks, that's awesome. Nothing is ever really sure down here, but I have a good feeling about tomorrow. Like I've said before I really miss the temple and am so grateful for all the times I was able to go before my mission. It prepared me so much and I'm so grateful I can go for the rest of my life.

About Matthew really quickly. I'm actually not sure exactly where he will be going on his mission. It sounds like he could be going to the Iquitos Mission too, it just depends. Whatever happens it will be pretty cool. All the things I brought on my mission I am pretty grateful for. My shoes seem like they are holding up really well. I know it wouldn't hurt to have another pair to alternate or something, but that's pretty expensive. The towels are just about the greatest thing ever. And we did get a water bottle, but I'm grateful for two. I'm looking forward to hear all the announcements with missions and such.

This week was the baptism of Josafat and it was really wonderful. 4 investigators made it to the baptism and I really hope they felt something special. It was really amazing for me because he is the first person I have met and seen all the way to baptism. It was a gift from a loving Heavenly Father and I will never forget him. He is so awesome! He read the whole Book of Mormon in a little over 2 weeks and is on his way for the second time. He talks about serving a mission a lot and is just about to turn 17. I am so excited for him to see General Conference.  He is so prepared and I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's hand in all things.

I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and it went really well. I was asked to talk on the resurrection for Easter and I just used some scriptures along with The Living Christ. I highly recommend that special document to all people all over the world. I am so grateful Bishop Tirrell had us memorize it 2 years ago. I then talked a little about Papa and just started to cry. I held it in a little, but I don't know, it just kind of came. I think that's what it will be like for the rest of this life though. A couple people came up to me and thanked me. They said it really touched them and I'm grateful I was able to help some people. It felt kind of nice to just show emotion though instead of being a steadfast missionary. We're definitely not perfect and we need comfort sometimes too.

This week two young men got there mission calls and I promised one of them in his opening I would never stop being a missionary so he needed to never stop too. I think I might have just said it more for me than for him, but I think everyone else out on the mission can relate with that. I didn't want to give him advice, I just wanted to let him know I was in it for the really hard times as well as the incredibly amazing times. Another member got called to the Brazil Sao Paulo South Mission and so Elder Jesus Salvador will be meeting up with Elder Matthew Woodruff some day I hope. If you read these Matt I love you! And a shout out to all my other brothers out on missions. Cameron Kapp, Tito Galvez, Jacob Jespersen, Jeremy Sherman, Matt and Andrew Woodruff, Ryan Tirrell, Michael Suprise, Daniel Shepard, David Bean, Seth Cannon, and Tanner Christensen. There are a lot more too and I love you all.

Have fun out at the Aunties!!!!!!!! And everyone enjoy General Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll sure be thinking about you.

Love your friend in Peru who will never stop being a missionary,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

Great friends and examples
A cool little band I ran into twice.  (Notice the Peruvian flute)

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