Monday, August 12, 2013

Bessos de Mossa (Kiss on the lips)‏

Bessos a todos,
Yeah, I'll get back to that more in a minute. First, it's so good to hear that things are going well for you Mom and that you are recovering well. I know it'll take some time, but I'm super excited for how great things are going to be for you. That's super fun that you get to be out at the Aunties' and I hope you are all having some great talking time. Thanks so much to the Aunties for the package they sent me. I loved it and my companion is enjoying it a ton too.
This week was a great week full of so many amazing moments. We had this thing called Noche Celestial on Wednesday that we came up with and it was a total hit. My whole mission I've really disliked activities because they haven't done anything, but this ward is different. So we just watched a couple of those clips from the new Life of Christ movie thing and then played some 4 corners. I don't think that has ever been done in the history of church activities in Perú and it was amazing. Everyone loved it so much and there was a whopping total of over 40 people. We were going to be so happy with 20, so we're just rejoicing right now and are excited to keep it going.
So now about the bessos. Elder Sines introduced me to the most amazing of Peruvian sweets last week. Bessos means kisses and no one has any idea what in the world mossa means, but I'll keep asking. What we've both come to the conclusion is that it is a s'more in one. You've got this chocolate shell with what we think is jet puff in the middle and some graham cracker type thing at the bottow. So, I haven't been kissed by any Peruvian woman, but I've been kissed many a time. I love it so much and the best part is they are 50 centimos or like 20 cents. So good!!!!!! Oh yeah, and we're probably gonna die because it's also probably not the most healthy addiction.
Antonio and Reynalda continue to be the greatest investigators of all time. We had two amazing lessons with them this week and when they both told us that they are 100% getting baptized the 10th, the Spirit was so strong. They told us they were always planning on listening to the missionaries, but weren't really planning on getting baptized. It's so easy to see that they have felt the Spirit testify to them of the truth. They don't know everything, but they are willing to act on the answers they have received and I know they will just be such a strength in this ward. I am so hoping I can go to the temple with them in 1 year and just love being a missionary so much. It's way cooler than I made it sound, but all you return or current missionaries probably know what I am takling about.
Elder Sines and I are still rocking it. I am so grateful for him as a companion and am treasuring every second I have to learn from him.
My ward also is amazing and I am just loving it here in Santa María. We're far from perfect, but the members are trying their best. Being here has given me such an appreciation for the Edgemont 3rd Ward and all the leaders I had. I'm so grateful for all the people who showed me how to serve the Lord.
It's so great to have Matthew here in Perú and I'm still praying we will be able to get together. It's a long crazy road ahead, but looking back, every single bump was so worth it. I love the mission so much and am so grateful I can learn, grow, and become more Christlike here in the blessed land of Perú.
Also, so great to hear from my friend Gioia Reni. I'm super excited for you to be sharing the true message of God with the people of Milan, Italy. They are so lucky to have you serving them.
Thanks for being the best family and friends ever! I love you all so much!
Elder Aaron Wheatley

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