Monday, August 12, 2013

We Made a Stand

Holy Cow,
This week was definitely the fastest and one of the best of my entire mission. I am just loving it here in Huacho. I love you all too, but this is just amazing!
On Monday we were able to go teach the parents of a missionary that just left from our ward. He went to Brazil and he was one of the best members in the whole ward with only a year knowing the truth. Before he left he was able to talk with his parents and told them to just get baptized. They came to our activity and then came to church the next day. So, we were able to teach them and it wasn't hard to see where he got all his awesomeness and faith. That was one of the best lessons in my whole mission as far as understanding on both parties is concerned. They are so ready and we were able to visit them a couple times throughout the week.
So we get to visit them with a guy named Waldir who was best friends with their son Tonio. Alright, this guy is THE BEST. I really can't even begin to describe it. He was in an accident when he had 3 years old and a firework blew up. His hands were completely blown off and he's blind in both eyes. He's just so cool about it all though and everyone treats him like it's normal. It definitely helps that he does everything on his own (dresses himself and makes it to church walking). He's always so happy and is ready to tell anyone his story. It's way funny because he goes out with us sometimes and he's like ''aren't we supposed to turn here?''. You can't trick my friend Wally. So, he does remember colors and everything too and it's just always fun to talk with him. He's a great example to me and today's his birthday so we hope to do something fun.
Alright, back to Antonio and Reynalda (the parents). Yesterday we had probably the most well executed Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson ever given and it was amazing. It also just so happened to be THE noisiest and most interrupted lesson of all time. So we had talked about a baptismal date for them and Elder Sines and I felt like the 10th was the day. They had both said they wanted to get baptized, but were a little into the whole ''I want to know more'' game. So Elder Sines with all the power of heaven gives the invitation and they are nodding their heads. Then we promise their answers will come by that date and they were all just so awesome. We finished it up and then drank some Inca Kola. I can't think of very many things better than that.
Oh yeah, so about Huacho. It kind of makes me feel like saying ''the Tooele of Perú'' or something like that. Take it how you want and run with it, because I am just loving it up here.
Another cool story is how we used straight up Soda Crackers for the sacrament last week. That was the first time ever, but for some reason I don't think it will be the last. It's sure a fun adventure being here.
I want to tell you all about another amazing family we have come to know and love. Tonio took us by a family before he left on his mission and told us they were all less actives. Then this little girl walks out with 10 years and we're like jackpot. We keep passing by there, but we can't get in. Her name is Anais and she is so amazing. She has had to grow up so fast and my heart goes out to her everytime we talk. It turns out her dad was trying to kill her mom the other day and was choking her to death. She does not deserve to be around that and we just are doing our best to break the cycle. Also, she is in charge of her 3 year old baby brother Sasha. He is so awesome and remembers my name. It makes my heart melt every single time. I'm just walking down the street a little annoyed at some things and I see him running up saying ''Willie''. I love that family so much and know we can help them live a better life. I love being a missionary.
I loved reading a bunch of those family history stories you sent me in my package and am so grateful for our pioneer heritage. We all owe so much to everyone of them and I am doing my best to show my faith as they did theirs. Please tell Nomi as well as Oma and Opa that I love them so much and am so grateful for their examples of faith and love.
I'm so excited for Matthew to come join me here in Perú and am sure we will be able to see each other soon.
I'm praying for you Mom and that everything goes well in your surgery. I'm so excited to hear about it and know Heavenly Father will be watching over you.
Have the greatest week ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary so much!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers.
Love your best friend forever,
Elder Aaron Wheatley

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