Monday, December 9, 2013

Singing on the Mission

Oh yeah,

So first off, thank you so much Mom, Dad, Mariah, Brianna, Aunt Julie, Aunt Kimber and Aunt Stacy for the package. It is absolutely amazing and I'm excited to open the rest for Christmas. The advent calendar is so awesome.  And thank you Oma for the best cookies in the entire world. I love Special-K Cookies so much.  They bring me such great memories.

So the first night my companion (Elder Herrera) and I sang the hymn and it was really cool. (Note from Dayna:  We sent him an advent "calendar" in his Christmas package with little pouches to open up each day with his companion.  They have a song and a scripture and a little treat to enjoy.)  I've been meaning to write for a while about my companions singing abilities, but this one just took the cake. We sang and then I started writing in my journal and he decided to just sing every song in the hymn book. Well, almost every song. He would just sing a couple of notes and well, he really struggles with the tones, like real bad and I love him for it. He sings so loud and proud and it makes me happy just to know that he loves music. So he starts singing a song and then moves on to the next one after like one line. And he keeps saying ''I know this one'' then he sings for two seconds and says ''I don't know this one''. I was cracking up so bad and we laughed for a while because he did it like 30 times. He was mixing up tunes and just going all over the place and it was so awesome. I sure do love Elder Herrera, he's such a funny guy.

One cool experience this week was when I was on splits again (dangerous I know) and was just walking with the member. I felt like I should talk to this old couple who were just sitting on the park bench. I said hi and kept walking by, but then felt it again and thought, that could be a pretty cool family. I told him we needed to go back and we started talking. The guy asks what state I'm from and I tell him, then he says that he has been to Washington and Oregon and has seen pictures of Salt Lake. That was cool, and then the lady asks us if we're Mormons. Then it all comes out that the guy is a member, but she isn't because she's kind of dark skinned. We talk for a little and then I ask if we can sit down. We say a prayer right there and I open up to Official Declaration 2 (first time in my whole mission using that in a lesson) and try to explain what happened. So the guy is still really offended and says he knows God just reading the Bible. The lady is super duper cool though and accepted a Book of Mormon and we went and talked to her another day too. It's gonna be kind of weird, but that was just so cool how God knew and how I finally listened. One of those too cool to be true moments. Who knows if it will lead to anything, but I followed the Spirit and know the Lord directs His work.

Another cool thing actually happened a week ago where we were in the church waiting for a member to accompany us. He got there and it was all just so perfect because someone started knocking on the gate. We were all confused, but went out and looked. So there was this lady knocking and she asked us for a Book of Mormon. She lives in the hermanas area, but she has a baptismal date and it was so awesome.

Another cool guy we met is super crazy. He asked us like 100 questions in 1 minute. He wants to learn so much and we are just praying that he prays. If he just lets himself feel for a second he'll get his answer and his mind can rest easy. His mind goes like a million miles an hour and reminds me of some other great people I know. He's super cool and I'll let you know how it goes this week.

My favorite quote of the week was ''To clean is good, but to not get dirty is better.'' I saw it in a park here and no one follows it, but it's the thought that counts. It made me laugh and at least some people are trying.

Thanks so much for all your support. Have the Merriest of Christmastimes and enjoy all of the lights. I loved the Christmas Devotional last night.

Have the best week ever!!!!!!!! And know I'm praying for you all!!!!!!!!!

Love your Christmas loving pal in PerĂº,
Elder Aaron Micah Wheatley

Oma's Special K Cookies -- Yum!

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